Dec 30, 2010


dari sem-sem yg lepas lg, aku teringin nk derma darah.
at last, arini.. aku berjaya gak menunaikan hasrat tu. yey!
sblom ni, ade je yg menghalang.
smpai masa nk derma je, kne alergy la.. demam la.. mcm2.

b4 derma tu, ade la kne check2.
n kne timbang berat.. dooOo.. takot sgt nk naik scale.yela,dh lame xtimbang.
risau kang jarum scale xbrenti pusing.haha. sebbaik, berat maintain.naik 1kg je dr biase :(

since ni first time nk try donate blood, takot gak awal2 tu.
mn tau.. kot2 aku pengsan ke ape ke lepas tu..
but, luckily.. im ok.xde pape pon.

kt tgn aku skang ade 2kesan injection.
sbb cik nurse tesilap inject masa awal2 tu.
huhu.bile smpai masa ak nk diberi injection je.. selalu cmni. dah brp kali aku jd mangsa tesilap inject.
menurut kata mereka, tgn aku susah nk jumpe tmpat nk inject.
bak kata abg iparku semasa aku mahu melakukan blood test a few months ago:
"susahnye nk inject, xnmpak. tu la, gemok sgt. lemak dah tutop salur darah.hahaha"
amboi.. sedapnye. hehe.
tp,ade kaitan ke?
ak tgk, org lg gemok dr aku pon.. laju je doc inject. xde problem.


Dec 26, 2010

saya rasa mcm nk sepak kamu. dush! dush!

do you need to always comment n like everything i do in fb?
do you need to always give me personal messages in my inbox?
do you need to find my old friends and ask them about me?

do you know that my inbox is full with your so-annoyed-as-if-you-concerned-about-me messages?

do you know that everytime i go on9, i never fail to receive emails form you?

dont you realize that all my friends make fool of you? because u r so 'weird'.
but you still..go on and on with your so irritating deeds.

do you know that your last message, which sounds like:
..."amek la num ni mas, mana tau mas ubah fikiran nanti"... its so damn annoyed.
what ever it is, i wont change my mind!

ikotkan ati, mau aje aku removed ko. tp mengenangkan kita kawan dr kecik.. aku rasa xsampai ati.
why suddenly ko jd cmni? dah kne sampuk ke ape.. huhu.

[bile la aku nk idop dgn tenang, tanpa sebarang gangguan.. sobsob]

Dec 25, 2010

A love letter

This is the one of the example of short writing for prim school. xsangka, budak skolah rendah skang dh ade topic pasal cintan2. masa zaman aku dulu, asek2 tjuk "banjir kilat ditempat saya", "kemalangan yg mengerikan", kalo x pon "menghabiskan masa cuti sekolah dikampung". adoi la...

so, here is the short passage:

A love letter

Bill wrote this letter to Mary:

We've talked on the phone and in my apartment, and now I'm writing this letter. Maybe if I put my thoughts and feelings in writing, you'll understand them better.

I love you. I want to marry you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. You are not a "load." You are not a "troublemaker."

Yes, you have problems. So do I. And together, we can solve these problems more easily than if we were apart. Problems are a part of life. But so is happiness. Let's share our problems and happiness instead of experiencing them alone.

We are not a bad "fit." We are a perfect match. I do not look down on you. I look up to you. I admire you. I think you are smart, brave, and independent. Don't tell me to go find another woman. I don't want another woman. I have found the perfect woman.

Every day, I think about your beautiful smile, your happy laugh. I think about the long walks we used to take, holding hands all the way. Remember how we used to sit on the grass in the park and watch the parrots?

We were going to get married, and now you want to be "just friends." Whatever I did or said that was wrong, please tell me so we can work this out. I don't want to lose you.

after i read this writing, something came to my mind..

" even young learners pon dah di exposed with such values,what more to the ape yg dh jadi skang? mcm terbalik je"

yup, the passage is about a man's love toward a woman. tp byk pengajaran for the children towards driving themselves to the adults life. they know how to appreciate is the greatest moral value that seems to be diseppeared today.

hurm, aku dpt idea nk tulis ni pon, sbb terbaca someone's blog.

for she had been dumped, semata2 sbb she's someone with many family probs.huhu. a good guy shud always be with her, bukannye membiarkan die gone through it alone. she needs support!

[huhu.maafla ye, aku mmg xleh bab2 cmni.tetbe je bleh jd semangat lebih]

nway, ak pnah came across this thing, but not sure its a quranic verse or hadith or..

but it said something like,

"dalam kesusahan itu, ade kesenanganya. dan dalam kesenangan itu ade kesusahannya"

semua kesusahan itu adalah dugaan. jika kita berjaya menghadapinya dgn sabar,

insyaAllah.. kebahagiaan bakal menemui kita. amin~

Dec 19, 2010

a nice weekend

awal2 sem ni, sume org tgh pokai.
scholar blom masuk. so, tempat2 lepak dihujung minggu pastinya bukan di shopping mall,
or any exclusive theme parks.sgt pasti. :)

this weekend,
i almost died of boredom.but, luckily my sis offered me to join them
.. go places semata2 utk menghabiskan masa.
in just one day, we went to almost all places around Selangor.
when we were about to call it a day, kami singgah at one place to have dinner.
it was at Agrotek Garden Resort, which is situated in Hulu Langat.
i bet, this is a nice place for a nature lover.
kagum sejenak [btol ke word aku ni?] bile tgk keadaan sekeliling resort tu,
and how they decorated the place.
byk landscap..
there are fish ponds..
there is a river flowing under the restaurant..
ade fountain..
erm.. best2!

kt bawah tempat makan ni, ade 1 sungai flowing.
makan2 ditemani dgn bunyi sungai mengalir.
b4 smpai kt meja makan ni plak, we have to melalui 1 jambatan kecik.

this is one of the special menu
nama die 'beautiful feeling'.haha
sape2 yg minum, akan rasa cantik kot. :)

kt hujung sane, ade fountain.

ni plak, view dari car park.
ade 1 restroom [kot,xsure]
kt atas bukit.

p/s: byk amek gamba. tp lupe nk transfer masuk lappy. yg lain2, aku buat jeruk dlm camera. haha.

Dec 15, 2010

kini,aku hidop bermusuh!

aku benci ko.
dulu,ko xde knape skang ko tetbe muncul?
dah la dtg, ngn geng2 skali.
abes cool la tu?

ko mmg menyusahkan idop aku.
ko tau x, class aku dah la pack sem ni,
tambah plak keje aku ngn melayan ko.
dalam sehari, berkali2 aku kne bersihkan bilik.
kalo aku ade bibik,xpe gak.
[gile ape nk bawa bibik dtg hostel]

hanya satu janji aku kt ko,
idop ko xkan lama.
kejap lg, aku akan g buat laporan ttg kehadiran ko.
laporan kali kedua,supaya tindakan tegas akan diambil.
mati la ko ngn konco2 nt.
hahahah! puas ati aku.

dah byk ridsect suraya aku guna.
sbb nk mematikan ko.
[tp ak jumpe artikel ckp, jgn guna aerosol utk menghapuskan species ko]
huuh.nmpaknya, aku dh ambil langkah yg salah.
tp ape aku kesah, yg penting korang mati,
wahai anai-anai.. tamatlah riwayatmu cepat2.aku dah xsanggup.
cis! cis!

[saje buat tulisan merah, kasi nmpak marah lebih] hehe.

Dec 14, 2010

not-worth reading

something went wrong,

who shud be blaimed?

no one.

silent rather than quarrel.

Dec 13, 2010

yess..finally,i made it!

today, is the 1st day of this new sem..
but, this sem.. is the last sem in this uni. mcm ape je ayat aku.

arini, 1st day,nothing much.

utk menghilangkan kebosanan, n merealisasikan impian aku yg dah lame tertunggak..
aku g jog ptg td.
tp disebabkan ramai org, aku segan.

so, i made a decision..
better aku least, its effective jugak.
n guess..
aku bejaya briskwalk pusing satu uia!
n i took only a few minutes to finish it [less than one hour]
kire ok la for someone yg sgt terkenal dgn bejalan lambat cm aku ni.. [grin]

route: tasik kayak - library - fac of law - fac of econ - admin - fac of archi - fac of engin - edu - mahallah2 - end.

b4 ni,
aku pnah menyuarakan hasrat aku nk jalan kaki pusing uia
at least, b4 meninggalkan uni ni.. aku akan buat gak even sekali.
but they said, it is a nonsense idea.

tp tgk,
se-nonsense cmne pon.. i managed to do it today.
bukan nk show off, but
xde ape yg nonsense n impossible if we really want it,kan?
waaa..gembira sgt thou kaki agak lenguh.
by day, i'll try to improve the record.haha. kne catat masa nih.[berangan]

Dec 7, 2010

just because im a left-handed

being a left-handed people,
sometimes.. makes me feel that, life is biased.

everywhere i go,
n i start to write.. people will look at me.
plek sgt ke aku ni?? - tedetik dlm ati.
well, i know.. im writing up-side-down. yet,its not a crime.

while im in lecture hall/room,
i always think, why there is no chair with table at the left side?
aku terpaksa pusing 90degree, n keep pusing2 until the lecture finish.
yela, bile nk tgk slide kt depan, i have to change position.
bile nk take note, i have to change again.
lame2, mau jugak leher aku n bdan aku nih jd senget.

bile org tnya direction,
please la.. dun ask anything about direction kt aku.
susah kot nk bezakan kanan n kiri.

while using scissors,
god, sakitnya tgn aku..
sebbaik aku bukan tailor.kalo x, putus jari2 aku agaknya.

while performing high jump,
[dulu ak pnah main high jump,ok? sure ramai yg xpecaya aku main high jump.haha]
aku terpaksa memulakan lompatan kt side lain.
erm.. im left-footed too.

while discussing,
knape aku mcm susah nk paham others thought?
is dat something to do with my nature? mungkin jugak kot, for im more to right hemisphere.
n my idea seems a bit diff with them. n its hard to explain.

but, i used to soothe myself
by thinking that, being a left-handed people is very unique.
n yeah, everybody is unique though.

ingat lg, masa awal2 masuk sem aritu..
my semantic lecturer was surprised bile tau im a left-hander who writes up-side-down.
n she said,'u shud fight for ur right.its been so biased for left-handers.all objects are created for normal people"
hurm.. ade jugak yg realised mende nih.ingatkan aku je.

tp ape2 pon, thanx God. aku bersyukur dilahirkan cmni.
being a left-hander mungkin bg advantages kt aku,
though sometimes its hard to handle.

to people of my position,
lets celebrate the left-handers' day: 13th Aug every year.

Dec 6, 2010


cuti dah nk abes

Dec 4, 2010

puppy-monkey-freaky-sweety love memoirs

masa kecik, tym tu blom masuk skolah lg. maybe i was 5 kot.
aku ade la suke this particular boy. beza setahun kot ngn aku.. [haha,kecik2 lg dah gatal]
tiap2 ari aku g main umah die. xsah kalo xjumpe dlm sehari.
mula2,kwn je. tp lame2 aku rs mcm tersuka plak.
one day[i still remember it..haha].. xde angin,xde ribut.. suddenly i told my sis,
"nt dik besar,dik nk kawin ngn die"
god, malunya bile ingat balik. tp skang, xde feeling dah. well,zaman kecik.. main suka je sape pon,xpk.

bile dah besa sket, darjah 4 kot. ak tersuka plak kt sorang ni.
pekerja kt sebuah kedai runcit. tym tu, mamat tuh around 20+.haha. ape daa aku ni.. pantang jumpe org sket, terus suka.
tiap kali pegi kdai tu, sejuk panas sejuk panas.. serba serbi xkena.
selalunya bile g kdai tu, ak tgk je die.xpnah pon dgr suara.
but one day.. [hari penentu] i heard his voice.omg~ hancur luluh hatiku. haha.

sepanjang aku kt skolah rendah..
aku ske plak sorang ni. same age. we were bestfren. close sgt.
tp ak xpnah bgtau sape pon aku suke.bile org ejek2, aku deny. haha! jual mahal sket~
but, since masuk secondary school, lost contact.
jumpe2 balik, masa form4. masa jumpe tu, sama2 segan la kononnye. tp continue as bestfren, nothing much happen.
status: cinta terkubur. haha.

masa form2,
there was a senior gave me a keychain: you conquer my heart.
haha.sorry la bro, tym tu aku kembali innocent gile2.well, masuk skolah agama la katekan.
cuak ngn naqibah2, kang diorang tau.. free2 aku dpt brainwash.

masa from3,
ngn sorang senior form5. haha.
love note: **** ****** love [nama penuh aku]
namun,ketahuilah bhw anda sgt menakutkan sy. kamu kejar sy di bazar ramadhan kt depan skolah.
rase mcm nk teburai urat2 perut, cuak kot~

masa form 4,
there's someone gave me 2 sweets. gula2 HACKS. and he asked me to guess.. wut does it mean?
a few days jugak aku pk,tp xdpt jawapan.
and finally he said, "Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Sorang". terpinga2 aku tym tu.
tp bile ingat balik skang.. he such a sweet guy i knew.
u r very nice..

masa form 5, first tym kapel.
excited gak. yela,kalo x excited,xde plak aku jd sawan lepas nk buat cmne... everything is over.
one of my frens said, "its not his fault, but it is your fault for believing every word he said"
hurm?? xpe, abaikan.
tp, no one is perfect.mungkin aku pon ade salah gak. sorry ye sume2 dulu.

lepas form5,
tym tu tgh cuti pjg. tp xsure plak cuti ape.if not mistaken, cuti masa aku quit matric.
dulu2, activity wajib kalo kt umah is: pegi pasar malam.
i went there with sis.but, dlm crowd kt situ, suddenly ak xjumpe my sis. we seperated.tgh cuak2 mencari my sis,... jeng3x. came a group of boys keliling aku.dlm ati: god,penjahat mn ni??
then, they sang,
"..tiada puisi atau lagu,
hanya kau satu dalam berjuta,
kau istimewa blabla"
....haha.aku lupe plak ape tajuk lagu tu.but, lagu tu pnah digunakan dlm iklan sunsilk.if not mistaken.
aku yg tgh blur2 ketika itu.campor rase segan,yela.. ramai kot org tgk.
tiba2,muncullah this someone.hurm.. sweet gak ko erk? ape2 pon, sume dah tinggal memory.nothing happen pon after tu.

in 2007,kalo xsilap.
i went to an english camp.dimana, berkumpulnya sume budak2 tesl from all institutions.
knal la ngn someone nih.i can consider him as.. ok la.baik gak.
just after the camp ended, ak ckp2 la ngn member se'course'.
tgk2, die tgh mengayat 3 of us.sms dlm masa yg sama. gosh! haha. mantap lah lu!

lepas tu lg,
i got to know someone from this particular social networking.
i never trust org yg ak xpnah jumpe face-to-face. but, since he was my coursemate's ex-schoolmate.
bile tnya2 n dgr2 citer pasal die... ak rase, mcm bleh dijadikan kwn.
time goes on.. lame2, jd close.
smpai la masa, one day.. we met. nway, he did not do any harm to me.
but, ........ i know, he's not a nice man.
siyes, aku serik dah knal2 org cmtu. haha.padan muke diri sendiri.

n now,
i think, its not the time utk main2 cm dulu.
bile dh byk bende jadi, life punyer bittersweet,
better la kalo kita take lesson,kan?
perhaps, this is the end.

my first hand-made

Nov 30, 2010

...shimuk di usia emas.

tetbe rindu plak nk tgk video assignment UNGS last sem. hehe. abes spontan sume bende, biase la.. kami kesuntukan masa.hikhik..[instead of ckp,tangguh keje] hehe.
adakah itu shimuk di hari tua? harapnya, aku masih bergaya. hikhik.
bile bosan melanda diri,inilah keje aku.
korek abes sume khazanah2 dlm hd.

Nov 15, 2010

what kind of mother is this?!

siang td, i went to a shop wif my mOm's fren.
so, on our way to dat shop.kami berjalan kaki. ak ternampak 1 tragedi ni.

utk smpai ke kdai tu, kami melalui sebuah kedai permainan.. [mcm skema je bhsa aku]
btol2 kt depan kdai mainan tu, ade la sorang mak n anak.anak die tu, around 3y.o. pompuan.cute sgt.chubby.
........ok,enuf with the description. citer die cmni..

dr jauh, sblom aku lalu kt depan kdai tu, ak nmapk si ibu tgh marah2 kt anak die.
well, biasa la tu kan.. mak marah anak.
but, just when aku lalu btol2 seblah diorang,
suddenly si ibu tu mcm hilang sabar.
tym tu si anak tgh pgg cup air oren. [ala,plastic cup yg org jual air sehengget satu bekas tu..berisi air oren]
lalu si ibu tu rampas bekas air oren tu, n hentak2 kepala budak tu dgn cup yg berisi air tersebut.
mmg ganas gile la die buat.smpai air tu tepercik kt jeans aku.
smbil pukul2 si anak, die menjerit..'gerammnyee akuuu!!'
siyes kuat gile.. rs senak anak telinga aku yg lalu seblah die.
disebabkan si ibu pukul anak die ngn bekas air tu..
maka si anak tu abes basah kuyup ngn air oren.siap ade ais lg kt kepala n baju.
kesian sgt..

tp aku sbg outsider, xmampu nk buat ape.
si anak pon hanya mampu menanges je.ak tgk mak die mcm dh hilang kawalan.
ish3.. nk mengajar anak pon,bia la berpada.

mmg xdpt dinafikan, kdg2 kerenah budak2 boleh membuatkan kita agak kurang sabar.
tp bile nk marah tu..
xkan xterfikir kot.. budak tu kecik lg.xtau pape.sgt innocent.blom tau nk bezakan baik buruk.
marah mcm mn pon, budak kecik bukannye paham.kan lg bagus kalo ckp elok2.. let them understand
knape yg tu xboleh.. knape yg ni boleh..

bak kata Mdm.Iswander [among lecturer yg sgt motherly]
"gives the children the best childhood time" sbb childhood ni la antara memory yg kekal smpai bebila.
plus, person with good childhood time will eventually didik anak diorang dgn baik.. so, bende tu akan continuous smpai la ke cucu cicit.

haaa.. nway, sume ni, jdkan la pengajaran utk kamu2 disana n diri aku jugak.
aku pon xtau diri aku cmne bile dh jd mak budak nt. harapnye none of us jd cmtu.amin~

electrostatic therapy

this is the therapy that i've gone through today.
n maybe for everyday sepanjang my sem break kali ni. the only thing i can say is..its amazing.

honestly,aku mcm xpecaya sgt dgn treatment2 cmni b4 this.
yela, there are so many new tech skang.. so, my opinion,most of bende2 ni.. marketing semata2.bab quality agak ditolak ke tepi la.
but this tym, it changes my perception. mula2 ak start buat siang td, dlm otak aku..
"jd ke bende ni? mcm xde pape pon.."
well, this treatment takes almost 30min per, aku terpk cmtu sementara nk menunggu masa 30min tu la.huhu.

at about 25min i've been 'charged' with the electric2 thing ni..[sory ye,sy xtau term2 sains bukan budak engin.hehe]
the instructor tu dtg kt aku.. n give me a pice of paper.
once i touched the paper, kertas tu vibrate. erm.. its like, terketar2 mcm kne electric shock.haaa..cmtu.
susah sgt nk explain. :)

after the treatment,
i started to feel.. dizzy.owh, i hate it!
tp mom said, its a positive sign.means, it reacted with the bad things [diseases, a-not-balanced diet, etc] in my body.. tp mmg pon, sometimes dizziness is a good sign for certain treatment. ive gone thru the same thing masa kt melaka dulu. i took a kind of health made me dizzy.a very bad dizzy.n last for a few weeks.

huhu. hopefully, this time..xde la lame sgt dizzy nye.
but ak xkesah sgt long as the treatment works! :)

tomorrow n tomorrow..
for sure, i'll gone thru the same thing.
treatment.. then,dizzy.

Nov 13, 2010

it's a place called home.

yey! im home.
5 hours ago, aku smpai. just finished my last paper tghari td, i rushed to home.
going back with the parents, its something yg melagakan.
well,yeah.. cuz i dun have to worry 'bout how to pack my belongings, how to minimize it, n blabla.
but, there's one thing i dun relly like bout it..
dad, who i knew for 22years, he's never changed. tiap kali nk pegi mn2, tiap kali tu la aku tensen.
once he said, 'kita betolak pkul 12'.. its like, half an hour b4 tu, i have to be ready with everything.complete.

now im done with the was it?
ok2 je.mcm yg selalu2.ade yg susah.ade yg senang.adat blaja.
kalo sumenye senang, bukan exam la namenye.

jd skang ni, i'll spend almost 1 month kt umah.cuti sem.weewee!
bunyi sebulan tu,mcm sbenarnye,kejap sgt.
lepas ni, dah nk raya haji. lepas raya haji.. ade mcm2 bende nk buat.
pejam celik,tgk2.. dah kne blk u. huhu.

within this sem break,
1 of my closest frens nk kawen.huuuu. knape ramai sgt org nk kawen skang erk?
or mmg ni adalah waktu yg sesuai utk kawen? just aku je yg tergolong dlm gang2 yg terlewat? hurm..
tp ape2 pon, im hepi for last, she got someone who called hubby.who will take a good care of her n make her feels like a princess in every moment of her is in the air la katakan.. hehe.

ape aku nk buat erk sepanjang cuti ni?
i guess, everyday akan aku abeskan cmtu je. doing things i luv. abeskan my novel collection yg dah lame tertunggak, jalan2, meneruskan 'misi', etc.
but mom said, she wants to bring me to a place for 'electron health'.wuts dat?? aku pon xtau.
i just cant wait to see n undergo the therapy. isyaAllah, start esok.
[semenjak dah tua ni, kne la concern sket pasal penyakit2 nih.. haha]

hurm.xtau dah nk tulis ape ni.

Nov 9, 2010

setelah sekian lama aku mengidam..

yess, at last i got it!
i kiss my Mr.Sticky Toffee this evening.
he's so delicious.
[.....slurp! yumyum]

thanx to dat somebody.
u make my day :)
yela, dah lame kot mengidam nk makan kek ni.
its been a few months i didnt go to the place
and bring home[hostel] makanan2 yg menggembirakanku.

u, Mr. Sticky Toffee Pudding
[pudding? i think,its a cake]
well, dah itu nama yg kedai tu bg,ak panggil je la.

p/s: walopon rupa luaran mu hudoh,tp u taste good.
1sy tym ak tgk kek ni dulu, omg~ gelinya.pattern topping die mcm ****** je.haha.

Nov 8, 2010


ketibu? guess.. what i mean?

tgh2 bosan study for my exam, i listen to an english radio prog.
n there was a caller, buat panggilan n cerita his love story.

the caller:
"i had broke up with my girl a few months ago.i love her. but i m the one who asked for the break up.
our relationship last for 6months..its all because
i cant stand.. on one thing. _________________.
but i didnt tell her the exact reason why i wanted to end the relationship.i told her, everything was because of me.. haha"

hahahaha! so, should i called it "ketibu"? hahaha.

agak2, apakah yg dimaksudkan dgn "ketibu"

haha. its.. ketiak busuk.
kesian pompuan tu.

p/s: take care og hygiene. jgn smpai smelly.byk kot alternative lain. jgn smpai memalukan diri sendiri. :)

Nov 1, 2010

style study exam yg terbaru by shimuk

Dibawah ini adalah antara contoh gaya study yg boleh dipraktikkan:

menurut kata watak dalam gambar di atas (nama dirahsiakan),
ini adalah antara cara study yg terbaik.dan boleh diamalkan oleh sesiapa sahaja.
ianya sgt best.sbb dah alang2 selimut tu,kalo tetbe ngantok tym baca buku bleh terus tido.

disamping itu,
ia juga sgt elok sbb menutup aurat,bg wanita.
yela,kalo tetbe ade org skodeng dr tingkap, at least anda tidak mendedahkan rambut.

... ngeh3,

haish,sape la agak2nye yg snap gamba ni..

p/s: sena,sila bg aku rasuah.kalo x,aku dedahkan nama pen'snap' gamba ni.
ish2,bgn subuh kononnye nk cmni plak jadinya. :)

Oct 24, 2010

little angle

tiap kali sblom study, mende wajib ak akan buat is,
tgk fb n blog.adoi la.. ape nk jd ni sharini~
ntah bile la aku nk focus btol2.

haish, sharini.. study2!

[ malas.wuwu]

Oct 23, 2010


huh! macho gile la pompuan ni. hikhik.

mode: bosan study. tgk video lame.

Oct 22, 2010


ya, sy dtg kembali setelah sekian lame xupdate blog ni.
recently, rase mcm malas sgt nk layan bende2 on9 ni. fb pon, xsgt. ym je la bende wajib ak on setiap hari.huhu

few days ago.. baru je,
bile ak check fb, tgk2 ade notification kt inbox. aku yg jarang dpt msg ni,terasa la ke'eager'an utk mengetahui sape pengirim tu n baca isi kandungannya.
bile bukak2.. tgk a stranger gave me a msg. cmni..

"When each day is getting better, why bother looking at all the stupid drama that happened in the past?
You’ll never find the right person, if you never let go of the wrong one


sape ko? nape ko ckp cmni? ko knal aku ke?
persoalan tu berlegar2 di ruang fikiranku.haha. btol ke ayat bm aku ni?
someone ckp, bm aku skang mcm samy vellu.adoi~

ok2,berbalik kpd persoalan di atas.
erm..sape erk yg tetbe jd baik hati nk bg ak advice cmtu?
ade org ckp.. maybe the sender is dat wrong one,
ade jugak yg ckp.. maybe fb org tu kne hack,
ade jugak yg ckp.. maybe ade org menyamar,
mcm2.. ape2 pon, aku masih tertanya motif aku diberi msg cmtu.

tqvm la ye atas nasihat tu.
but i know myself well. i know wut i did. bukan aku marah.. but "a stupid drama in the past" tu, sounds harsh bg aku.
yela, stupid ke xstupid ke.. dats my past.kalo ko ckp itu adalah stupid drama,aku rs mcm ko indirectly nk ckp aku pon stupid.apehal~

tp ape2 pon,
aku dh malas nk pk.bia je la.bkn aku knal ko pon.
membazir masa aku je pk pasal org yg xde kne mengena ngn idop mati aku nih.
byk lg bende yg memerlukan space dlm otak aku skang.. ya,final exam yg bakal tiba.itulah dia.

Oct 13, 2010


when she starts to ask people 'bout who my friend is..
when she starts to force my best friend to tell the truth..
when she keep asking me about my status..
when she always want to know where i want to be in the future..
when she starts to look at things seriously..
i cant bear this situation.

im young,so wut??
i luv my journey
i luv my life,now.

Sep 16, 2010

pembaca berita

setelah penat aku mengarang essay
n dah penat jugak merepek kt essay tu sbb xde idea..
skang i take a break.. tp xtau plak nk buat ape.

biasenye, tym2 cmni..
tgnku mmg ligat di keyboard. berbual dihalaman maya bersama 'seorang rakan'
tp since smlm, i felt.. like something went wrong.
xtau ape.
just rase cmtu. hurm.. adakan ianya betol? atau hanya aku yg emo sorang? haha.
xtau la,malas nk pk.
dengan itu, aku menghabiskan masa dgn bermain game.
n main2 kt virtual makeover.hahaha.
berangan nk jd cantik le tu.. yela,berangan je la yg aku mampu.
muka cm tapak kuali ni.. xde maknanye nk jd cun melecun..
[mcm over sgt je perumpamaan tu]

dr kecik lg..
aku slalu berangan nk jd cantik.
selalu gak berangan nk jd pembaca berita.yela,tgk akak2 yg baca berita kt tv tu.. nmpak cm cantik je.
bile dh dtg angin berangan aku tu.. maka aku akan:
1. amek buku/majalah
2. sandar buku tu secara menegak kt mn2 dinding
3. amek kerusi dan letakkan jauh sket dr meja tu
4. ready2.. duduk tegak kt kerusi tu
5. ehem2.. 'selamat petang dan salam mas sharini dr berita tv blablabla..'
...............haaa,itu la aku.

dulu aku kagum sgt bile tgk pembaca berita
sbb aku pk, diorang hafal sume berita tu
yela,bile tgk kt tv.. xnmpak pon diorang pegang kertas
dlm ati aku.."fullamak akak ni.. power gile memory.bleh ingat sume.."

tp bile dh besa sket..
br la aku tau..yg rupenye2 ade skrin kt depan diorang tu..
dlm ati aku plak.."eleh,xde la hebat sgt memory die.baca aje.ingatkan hafal.kalo cmtu,bleh la aku pon jd cm diorang.. mcm senang je keje tu"
aku tau pasal skrin tu,bile tgk cite 'puteri impian'
haaaa... bile puteri nora (amy mastura) kne jd pembaca berita dlm cerita tu.

dlm baca2 berita ni,
ade sorang pembaca berita kt tv1 ni.. mmg aku kagum gile la..
dr aku kecik smpai la besa.. aku masih lg nmpak muka die baca berita dunia kt tv1.
name die.. 'farith ismeth' or something like dat la.. aku pon dh xbrp ingat.
huish,mmg setia la die tu.. keje ngn rtm. salut2. hehe

hurm,dah la.
ak dah xtau nk tulis ape.


gedik x? haha.
motif sbenar ak amek gamba ni,nk tunjuk inai kt jari tu,
tp malangnye xnmpak..
tp....ape plak motif aku upload gamba ni kt sinih?
haha..aku pon xtau.
ini la jadinya kalo idop dh terlalu bosan dgn bende yg same je ari2
keje byk,tp malas nk buat,blurr, xde idea.
mode raya blom abes~

Sep 14, 2010


if i could turn back time..
i wont make u feel regret of having me as ur daughter,mama.
i wont make u sad.
i wont make u cry.
i want to make u happy, despite of all our 'difficulties' and 'the unwanted people' around..

if i could turn back time..
i wanna be me in 6years ago.
i wanna make corrections for all those mistakes.
i wanna study hard for dats the starting point for spm.. thing yg aku regret smpai skang.
so that, i wont be here.. struggling in the field that im not good at.

if i could turn back time..
i would accept the chance to go to the place,
to become as someone i wish to be.. my dream career.

if i could turn back time..
i would try my best to save my relationship.
as hard as i could.
so that i wont be suffering for years..
crying for years..
waiting for years.. for someone who dont like me.. who dont want me anymore..
wasting years of my time hoping and praying for something very impossible.

if i could turn back time..
i wont be eating too much after the break-up thing.
so that i do not need to restrain myself so hard from eating the food that i love.
so that i do not need to fight with the diseases..
so that i can live happily now, without worrying about my jeans :)

if i could turn back time..
i would accept 'ur invitation'..
so that we r not always be in the frenship like we shared today..
so that we r happier than now..
the frenship we shared since childhood wont stay the same until we die..
dats if i say yes to ur 'question' .. 2years ago.
[sorry, i was mentally unstable at dat moment]

if i could turn back time..
i wont do all those 'crazy' stuff.
it MADE me happy and even flying
yet, it MAKES me regret and feel damn guilt,now..
to myself, mama, n dat someone who is very 'clean'.

if i really could turn back time..
........ am i able to change the destiny? dats oredi written to me.. i able to fly to the past and create things the way i want? i able to make everybody happy? and perfect the way i wish?

if i really really could turn back time..
i know i cant.

if i really really really could turn back time..
thanx God utk sume ujian tu.
aku xkan realise all the wrongdoings i did,
all the chances yg aku dh buang..
i wont meet someone who can accept n appreciate me
with all the flaws i have
n... there will be no shimuk yg tgh merepek ni.

Sep 13, 2010

journal raya

today is oredi the 4th day raya. rasa mcm kejap sgt je Ramadhan aritu.
how i miss u Ramadhan, only God knows. tp, bile aku reflect balik..
what have i done sepanjang 1month puasa aritu? layak ke ngn statement aku yg rindukan Ramadhan tu?
hurmm.. biase la manusia, bile smthing dh xde.. br terasa kehilangannye.while we have dat, xde plak kite nk appreciate ke ape..kan? kan?
ntah aku sempat lg ke x jumpe Ramadhan lg skali~huhu

nway, 1st raya aritu..
nothing much. pagi2 lg.. i prepared some food utk makan b4 g smayang raya.
tghari plak,.. br la blk kg.waaaa.. hepi2!
tp kejap je.. ptg tu,dah blk umah smula. n smpai la mlm, org xputus2 kt umah.

raya 2nd,
pg tu.. nothing much jugak.
pegi tolong jiran.. buat keje kenduri kt umah die,best jugak.. sembang ngn makcik2.heee..
mlm tu, pesta mercun! weeeeweeeee.. part paling aku suke.haha.
mcm2 style la main mercun.. abes tin2 cat dikutip, botol2 dan segalanya.sume tu digunakan sbg bahan utk 'memeriahkan' lg mercun2 kami.
at the same time.. there was a barbeque party kt umah.well,xde la party sgt.. tp,erm... ntah,xreti la nk ckp cmne.

raya 3rd,
hari ni, dikenali sbg hari menziarahi rakan2 sekolah rendah.
mcm biase, mmg muka2 sama je yg ade.. aku,suya,syera,fit.. yg laki plak, ise,kre,kiki,daot.. n yg kdg2 ade kdg2 xde.. zaim&brahim. haaa..siap ade list tu~
mula2 pegi umah syera.. pastu open haouse umah ise..
pastu.. g umah la member plg lame jumpe2 je, she's a mother now! tgh pantang anak 1st.huh! mcm xcaye je.. tp siyes la,u look so matured,kalo nk compare ngn aku la nway.hehe
then,g umah suya.
wawawawaaa.. kehidupanku arini mmg saling xtumpah mcm lori DBKL. sume bende aku sapu bersih.
gain w8,oh tidak!

raya 4th,
utk raya ni.. xade ape2 laporan lg.
yela,br je 56minit masuk ari ke-4. mendenye aku nk tulih??? hehe.

Sep 2, 2010


akhernya, aku update gak blog ni.
after dah almost sebulan aku xbuat post baru. nothing much, just malas n kind of busy with so many things.
hurm.. memandangkan this is my second last sem being in this uni,
i think i got to work harder n grasp things dat i always dreamed about..
i noe, people with little knowledge like me,..need a hard work to get it
aku nak tebus balik kekecewaan SPM mampu ke?aku pon xtau. with God's will,insyaAllah..

i promise u..
i wont disappoint u again, this time.
masa dpt result SPM dulu, ma slalu ckp..
"ma xkesah pon dik dpt berape..
dik dpt masuk u pon ma dh lebih dr hepi...."

mmg tu ape yg mama ckp,
tp aku tau, u r sad. u just dont wanna show it, kan?

i was just so hepi with my life at dat tym
smpai lupe all ur hopes.

Aug 15, 2010


hari ini dalam sejarah...

dh nk dekat 10kali aku tetdo arini,
gara2 menonton dokumentari pasal Imam Al-Ghazali.

skang ni,
aku terpaksa menulis something about that dokumentari,
smbil menggaru2 kepala sbb xde idea..

dan irony nye,
aku tgh menaip article pasal agama smbil menghiburkan telinga dgn lagu2 omputeh
yg sememangnya melalaikan.. [wah3~]

wut a wonderful life....
[xsaba nye nk siapkan bendalah ni.. xlarat dh aku idop sebegini.tdo bgn tdo bgn..]

Aug 13, 2010

....[xnak bg title ape2]..

rase cm dh lame gle x mengupdate blog ini.
saya masih idop ye rakan2.
m quite busy wif assignments, researches, n all the study-things.
keje yg sgt byk dan xtau bile nk abes.. huhu.

since esok wekend, so i take a few minutes to write smthing ere.
td sembang2 ngn mcna.
xtau knape, terkeluar la topik zaman dulu2..
f.l.a.s.h.b.a.c.k laaa..

masa awal2 ak join this prog; i mean this TESL field..
ak rs down gile.
1st, sbb this is not my choice
2nd, i was not good in omputih language
3rd, someone made me feel damn bad.

bende yg nk aku highlight skang is, reason ke-3 aku tuh.
i think, no need la utk ak mention who the person is.
but the point here is to take lesson from the story.

it happened, 4 years ago. yeah, it was long long ago..
masa tuh, my life was like org gila. very unstable. so many things went wrong.
n masa tu jugak, i read someone's blog. [this is the starting point yg membuatkan aku rs down gile2]
the person wrote,
........'m looking for someone. someone who is also having A level n bla2......."
that moment, ak rasa mcm sgt2 dihina.
ak tau aku sape.. i was not brilliant. i was not a genius.i was nobody, in fact.
if nak compare, sape la sgt aku nih.. blaja kt maktab aje. i know n u dun have to remind me 'bout dat.
tp at least, i have a secure future than U!

tp tu la, org ckp..
wut goes around, comes around.
i got a news that the person is now not in a good reputation anymore.
huhu. [tho ko pnah kutok aku dulu, bkn bermakna aku suke dgr news ni]
im sad, for u used to be a fren of mine.
the moral values are:
1. jgn pandang rendah kt org lain.sume tu rezeki tuhan.bile2 je Dia bleh tarik balik.
2. ade org pnah ckp, 'once u did, double u'll get'
3. treat people the way u want to be treated [quote from my dear tan sri.hehe]

so, itu je la utk kali nih. penat la nk tulis pjg2.

Jul 30, 2010


i got news from sis dat the baby was discharged.
phew.. relief~
tho m not certain 'bout what is his condition now,
but the news made me smile.
yes, his condition must be better than b4, i believed.thanx God.
n m goin to have a visit this wekend.
cant wait to see him.hopefully, in the most pleasure state :)
at this point, my student life begins..
i've been loaded with mountains of assignments,
researches, and works.
what a wonderful life, isn't it?
well, dats the life i chose to live. so here i m.

Jul 28, 2010

Ow, tears..

what is kawasaki disease?
i just found out about it.
the article made me felt damn sad-and-i-want-to-cry-but-the-friends-are-here-so-i-feel-shy.
n u know how it feels when we r trying so hard not to cry, i would called it chest-ache.
coz chest will be so painful when we r doing so.huhu.

only You who knows whats the best for us,
give him good health,
give us strength.


Jul 27, 2010

lil boy,get well soon. i luv u damn much.

my lil boy.

i've no word to describe wut i feel now,my fingers seem frozen to press the keyboard n pour the sadness in me,
cuz all i want is to see u smile, happy, and healthy
going thru the most meaningful childhood time.

get well soon dearie,
i'm just not strong enuf to see u lying on the bed.

God,the all knowing,
is He who cures human.

Jul 24, 2010

what a sad day..

today, i was crying.. twice.
never i felt this bad lately. uMm,not bad actually.
but, kind of stress n sad.

my life without lappy for more than 1week
was as miserable as the miserable-est thing in this world.
yesterday, i got it back with the hope that it was 100% ok.
but the crap i got were,
the sound was not functioning n some 'bendasing' was inside the system.
bencinye aku.. mahal2 aku byr, sampah yg aku dpt.cess!
but the real thing that made me felt so unstable now was not the price i paid.
but it was the matter of human quality.. [skema plak dah..]
guy who happened to fix my mr.lappy was one of species i hate the most in this world.
dah ade anak bini, no need laa to ogle others. jijik kot. huhu..

ok, enuf about that species,

this afternoon plak,
i called my sister, just to besembang2 n gossiping.
but things were not always nice...
ku sangka panas hingga ke petang,rupanya hujan di tengahari.
i got a news.. my youngest nephew kne masuk ward.
pity dat lil baby.. demam dh 1 week but until now stil blom ok.
unconciously, my tears dropped.
i dun know how to describe the feelings i have now..
tp it makes me think..
"anak buah masuk ward pon aku dh nanges,
mcm mn kalo anak sendri nt??"
well, yeah.. its long time to go utk anak sndri.

tp sume ni make me realize yg..
a mother's love towards her kids is.... infinity.
anak buah sakit pon aku dh riso2 cmni,
ape lg kalo darah daging sndri. erm..

ok, enuf. nk tdo.

Jul 6, 2010

cuti dh nk abes.. wuuUUwuu~

lg a few days,
ak dh kne blk uia.
huargghhhhh... malas gile!


bkn malas blaja or xhepi dok kt sane..
tp ak rs mcm xsanggup je nk tinggalkan mOm sorang2 kt umah.
erm, xdpt aku imagine how her life wud be then..
dah la umah aku tu sgt sunyi,
dlm sehari, bleh kire brp buah kete je yg lalu kt jalan depan umah ni.
org kt sekeliling plak, bukan jenis cik kiah yg ske bergossip di petang hari..
masing2 dok umah.. huhu.
tp ak tau,cmne2 pon... ak kne gak blk u.
so, saki baki cuti yg ade ni.. ak nk spend the best time with u,mom.

mama, m gonna miss u much!

mood: serba salah.

~yeah,aku bakal homesick nt~

Jul 2, 2010

men vs women

i ♥ writing nonsense.erkk??
while struggling to finish a book, i came across some amusing quotations.its all about men and women.. :)

to prove his love for her, he climbed the highest mountain, swam the deepest ocean, and crossed the widest desert. but, she left him, because he was never home.

when it comes to sex, women need a reason, men need a place.

Miss Universe competitions are watched mainly by men, but Mr. Universe contests turn nobody on.

Most women prefer sex with the lights out- they cant bear to see a man enjoying himself. Men like sex with the lights on- so they can get the woman's name right.

Men want to wait for the perfect partner, but all they get is older.

The flower of love is the rose.
After threee days all the petals fall off and you're left with an ugly. prickly thing.

Its great to be a man because you can buy cucumbers and zucchini without getting embarassed.

My wife can see a blond hair on my coat from twnety feet, but she hits the garage door when she parks the car.

Men often choose greeting cards with plenty of words inside. That way, there's less space for them to write.

i just, ♥ to laf!hahaha.
tiada sebarang maksud tersirat ye ;)

Jun 30, 2010


insyaAllah.. ujong bulan depan aku akan melangsungkan majlis..~

jangan.. main2 je tu.

skang, aku br 22yers old. agaknye, lambat lg utk aku ke alam tu..
tp bile tgk dh ramai member2 aku yg sudah bersedia n mmg dh get married pon..
aku mula terasa diri sendiri sbenarnye sudah dewasa.
tp tym tu je aku rase cmtu,.. 5minit lepas tu,aku kembali menjadi manusia normal yg bernama sheni..
yang tidak matured,
yang suke buat keje ntah pape,
yang suke merepek,
yang .. yang.. yang.. [mcm lagu kumpulan spoon plak]haha.
ya, itulah aku.

within this 3months hols ni la yg aku br perasan sume ni,
dh ramai member2 aku yg sudah melalui transformasi.. [tere x bm aku??]
~wani arazmi [classmate skang]-dah kawen on last may
~peera [ex-skolmate kt smapk]-dah kawen last year
~ainina [ex-prim skolmate] - tgh sarat pregnant
~along husnac[ex-skolmate kt smapk] - engaged just a few days ago
n ramai lg. malas ak nk list sorang2.aku bukannye pejabat kadi nk wat senarai org2 kawen.

in my family plak,
mmg tinggal aku sorang je lg yg maseh single and available.. weeweet! [ini bukan promosi]
well, ini adalah 1 bende yg xtau la aku nk ckp men'tension'kan aku ke ape..

tp tiap kali kwn2 mama or any relatives dtg umah..
soalan yg same sering kedengaran..

"yang bongsu ni.. bile nk kawen?"
"anak dara sorang ni.. dh ade boifren ke?"
"haaa..lepas ni dapat menantu org mane pulak?"
.................................. bila soalan2 seumpama ni diajukan,
aku mula menjadi sawan dpn org ramai..
pura2 gelak walopon xlawak,

dan terus melarikan diri kononye ade keje yg perlu disiapkan. haha

ak ingat lg tym form 4,
cikgu bm aku yang bernama dotdotdot [aku terluka utk menyebut namanya] ade tnya budak2 dlm class.. "nt dh besa, nk kawen umo brp?"
masa tu, majority jawap nk kawen around 26-28..
tp aku sorang je yg jawap, "sy nk kawen umo 24"

hahahaa.. gatal lebih.
tp sume tu, smpai situ je la..
xde maknenye the big day will come when i am 24 nanti..
itu kesah2 zaman remajaku. ngeh3.

haih,ape la nk jd ngn mas sharini ni...

merepek smpai ke sudah.

Jun 29, 2010

a monologue

ape yg aku nak sbenarnye??
aku nak idop dgn aman damai, tenang.. dan gembira dgn ape yg aku ade skang.
kdg2 aku rase.. aku dh dpt ape yg aku nak, tho i noe its not damnly prfect as how i wish..
yela, aku pon byk kekurangannye, so i dun expect things to be zero-flaw-ed.

"When Allah wants good for someone, He makes them aware of their faults"
-status jemma kt fb td.

bile terbace je, suddenly aku reflect my life.

i admit, i did lots of mistakes.. when i look back to my old life, aku rs besalah sgt to my parents, especially mom.
ofkos, she will feel sad if she knows who i was. im bad. worst. [mom, im sorry..but i dun have courage to say sorry to u,dlm ati je la..]

now, i think.. i have gone thru the balasan as a price i shud pay for my past wrongdoings..
berat sgt.. deadly painful. semoga dgn ape yg aku dpt ni, will give me a deep determination to change.
Thanx God, u brings me to the r8 path again.. after i had walked away from ur true suruhan. lalai dgn keindahan dunia dan keseronokan teenage life yang aku sndri dah xnak ingat pasal zaman tu..
U give me someone, who can lead.. n never ruin my life.
ak pnah dgr org cakap.. [i dont know whether this is hadis or ayat quran or...]
'pompuan yg baik utk laki yg baik, n.. vice-versa'
so... i start questioning myself,
"is dat person btol2 utk aku or the person is just someone who being sent by God utk membetulkan aku??
that person is so much better than me in terms of religious things n brain n etc. tp aku? i have nothing except my flaws"
m really really really appreciate .. but m also ready n understand if someday i might loose it for i noe where did i stand n who i was.. years ago.
penyesalan hari ni bukan bermaksud penyucian dr kisah2 dulu.. those past stories are stil be part of me. sigh.
tp ak xpnah nyesal dgn sume tu.. sbb,
kalo bukan sbb cerita dulu, xkan ade cerita sekarang..
they made me stronger n tougher.
n the most important is.. they taught me how to improve life.
.tp bukan semudah tu utk aku 100% tinggalkan sheni yg dulu.
i dun have enuf strength n support to be the new me.
pantai yg gah pon akan berubah kalo asek dipukul ombak besar.. haaa,itulah analoginye.[cecey~]
tp ape pon yg jd,
sumenye ade hikmah.
kdg2 aku dh penat fikir, n i come to a conclusion..' bia je la ape nk jd, aku follow je the flow'
sbb aku pcaye dgn kata2 mama,
'xkan selamanya kita nk susah.. akan smpai masanya kita rasa senang'.. [ma, i ♥

dah la,penat aku merepek.
babai. nk tdo.

Jun 27, 2010

inilah jadinya bila aku bosan...

..... aku akan jd obses pada diri sendiri. haha.

[sambil menari2, tanda kegembiraan]

ntah n ntah.,



............................................................................................. shimuk,
.........................sila berfikiran waras.........

[smbil mengingat balik kata2 nasihat dr kawan2 ...
.................................................................... aku blurr................

ntah lg..

ak xnak jd hati tisu lg..


mula2 td, ingatkan nk menjawap soalan 'tag'..
tp terbengkalai plak, esok2 la.huhu

something is haunting my mind,
owh.. owh.. owh..
dah la smbil mendengar lagu sadis di blog shoppingsayang [izi yg bg link], mcm kene plak.bedebuk kt muke sndri.
tidak.. shimuk gagah.

Jun 22, 2010

........ [no title] :)

"sexy’s my name, yeah sexy is my name"

chop! bukan aku yg cakap tu.. :)
unless tu kata2 separa sedar aku.haha.

nothing, just sgt bosan skang.
n tgh layan lagu mizz nina-what you waiting for.

gonna off to kl tomorrow.
its been long time, m missing my lil nieces there.
'tunggu asyi datang eh' :)
k, fullstop here.

Jun 19, 2010

dialog 'menyengit'

'menyengit'? haha.
td tenampak someone gune word menyengit kt status fb, ak xtau pon exact meaning die, tp agak2nye.. bleh paham ape yg nk dimaksudkan.

slame 22taon ak idop, mmg byk dialog 'menyengit' yg org bg kt aku.. dan, maybe akan ak ingat smpai bebila. yela,ape x nyer.. 'menyengit' gitu,hahaha!
ape ak merepek ni.. asek ulang word menyengit dr td.

list dialog menyengit yg ak ingat:

1. 'bg aku, kapel ni xde pape,sukati aku la nk dump sape'
[ bysomeone, forwarded to me from a fren of mine]
NB:shit la sape yg ckp tu.
well,just beliv in 'karma';what goes around comes around. once u did, double u get.

2. 'drpd dapat laki yg menyusahkan, lg baik xyah kawen'
[from someone older than me]
NB: ak xtau la ni nasihat ke ape nway. haha. tp ade jugak kebenarannye. btol2.

3. ' die tu gaya islamic. ko ni, mcm kite2 ni je.kalo pk logik, nk bezakan.. mungkin ko dijadikan sbg org utk
nk hepi2 je, tp die mmg deserve for future'
[from my fren]
NB: mmg byk kebenaran pada kata2 itu.walopon ia sgt pedih utk ditelan,tp itulah remedy yg plg mujarab.
tho kata2 itu juga hanyalah assumption, tp sgt logic what???

4. 'terimalah seseorang yg menyukai kamu kerana nilai pd dirimu, dan carilah seseorang atas
dasar tanggungjawabnye, bkn kerana paras rupa dan harta'
[from a lecturer - ustaz ungs :) ]
NB: 100% agree. tp bkn senang nk buat tuh. kne sentiasa dlm keadaan waras. kalo x, tgk yg kacak je.. caer~

5. 'stakat result cmnih.. awk blk kampung, kawen je la'
[from my teacher in smapk]
NB: fuuhh! kasar gle beb.huhu. tho ak tau spm aku ciput je, tp xperlu kot nk ckp cmtu. ak yg blom lg begelar
cikgu ni pon tau ethics berkomunikasi ngn budak2.. sigh~

byk lg sbenanye. tp penat r nk taip pjg2. stop sini.
sumenye gara2 ak come across word 'menyengit' kt status fb sape ntah td..


Jun 16, 2010


lately, a silence seems to begin...

God, what does it mean?
m so afraid of silence. for it had once become the door of
my past-dark-life...
it started with a great silence, 'middled' with tears n empty hopes, and
ended with the regret over things i've done.
that's who i WAS.

but now,
the silence from other party;a better company, i hope.
does it lead me to that world, again? dont.. i beg.
ak dah x sanggup~

n this momment,
wut can i do is.. pray for the silence to end soon.
whether a good or bad exit, i will embrace it..
better still.. than living in in-between.


Jun 15, 2010

saje gedik nk letak gamba.bajet cun gle. mwahaha!

its bad, yet not so bad.

just a quick update,again..
bit bz with so many things going on lately..

since a few days, m not in a good health,nway.
flu.. fever.. headache.. bloated-condition.. unable to breathe well.. n blabla.

woke up this morning,
things seemed to get worse, y?
suddenly a person's name just cross me mind.
the name dat i tried so damn hard to forget it,.. to stay away..
all i want is just the frenship that we had once shared.. mere frenship.
for i know very well, it is deadly impossible for things to go back to its old place.

so please.. please..
my dear weird-and-unwanted-feelings,
get out of my comfort zone.

"sometimes, i do feel that Alzheimer also has its benefit,
it will help me to get rid of those memories"............... sigh.

Jun 6, 2010

my revealed stories.. ;) sOoo bongok2 je..

since i've nothing to do tonite,.. my mind mule la bekeliaran, mengimbau kembali kesah2 lame sepanjang ak bergelar 'single' for 4 years ;) ......................winkwink*

in this 4 years, i got to know lots of guys nway.but they r all... haha. i've no words to describe them. skali pk mcm lawak, skali pk mcm agak kurang bijak pon ade gak.bukan saje nk main tuduh2, but
...erm,ok let me stori-mori here,

1. A guy i knew from TESL camp-during 2nd year foundation
kitorng start close tym treasure hunt actvt.he managed to get my num from a fren of mine from other ade la contact2 ak we r fren ONLY.there was a day he did the confession, the proposal la i mean. well,i used to share this story with my deskmate at that tym for she also knew him.n guess wut??? he did the same thing, the confession n proposal, to her n also to my other coursemate at the same time. kalo ye pon saudara ni player, bia la berpada2. 3 org skali, dh la ketiga2nya coursemate yg close. skali ingat,lawak plak mamat nih.. nk sapu ramai2 pon,cr la yg college siap deskmate ak sndiri plak tu. thank God,ak mmg xske die dr awal.

2. A guy i knew when i worked at a pharmacy in PJ
he was a supervisor at Famos Amos.erm, ok la.. not bad looking.but he was at the same age with my sis, so definitely wont be my special. he was kind to me, slalu bg cookies free.. cake free.. a good brother,i called. but people around used to he did act like one.but one day, konon2nye nk sorok dr aku la, dating with other girl bwh escalator dowh..!ble ak tenampak je, buat2 tutop muke konon tgh garu2 kt muke la.. nk cover,xnak bg ak nmpak. haha. garu la bang ye, garu2.. garu smpai tecabut kulit muke tu.

3. A guy i knew from a social networking
i never beliv people i knew from this online thingy.but since he was a fren of my fren, so i put some trust on him at first.n we got to be fren n close n closer by time.noted, we r fren.. not more than dat.. its not dat easy to get into other stage [thank God for dat]. since ak knal die, byk sgt sms2 yg die tesalah send kt hp i keep silent, .. antaranya yg masih ak ingat,
~ hai, yati.. dh makan blom ne? abg rindu la...
~alala, jgn la cmni.abg syg shila tau...
~dah2, jgn cedey2 lg.. abg syg wati sgt. muahxx...
haha.lawak siOt mamat nih.there was once ak tnya die, sape 'yati" tu? n jawapan die..
"ow,sori2.. nk tulis name sheni td,tp tesalah tulis yati"
haha, bapak penipu la! jaoh bebenor name yati ngan sheni tuh..
dah la sume sms yg tesalah tu,jijik2 belaka..
bagus gak sume tu tak ditujukan untk aku.

4. An unknown guy who suddenly add my ym
ramai je yg tidak dikenali, but this one is the most interesting. haha!
ym nye begini:
.......................................[hanya part yg mahu dihighligt je disiarkan disini].........
die: sy xleh la tgk muke awk.
ak : huh? knape??
die:muke awk same sgt dgn org yg plg sy syg [gf].. tp skang sy dh xde die.
ak :owh.. same sgt ke? muke je same, tp org lain2. awk dh xde die??
die: aah, die dh pergi buat selamanya awk.. sy sdih sgt.
ak :sori2.. sy ingatkan die tinggalkan awk.huhu.. xpela, nk wat cmne.. doakan die~
die:sbb tu sy xleh tgk muke awk kt jd ingat kt die.bleh x awk jd pengganti die?
ak : kte kwn2 la ye.. [serba salah aku plak aku]

ak : buzz!
die:hai, erm.. sape erk ni?
ak :ntah la, saje je main buzz2..
die: siyes la. maaf sgt kalo sy lupe sape sy btol2 xtau. sape ye?

haha.smlm bukan main ckp muke ak mcm arwah awek, tetbe esoknye dh xknal aku.kantoi menipu kering2! kalo btol la aku mcm muke arwah aweknye, significant gile kot.. xkan dh lupe.
p/s:kepada rakan2 ku, jejaka ini dikenali sbg 'hOOoliau!' dikalangan kite.korang pon ade fb die.

ramai lg manusia2 yg ak pnah knal n berperangai aneh2 ni.
tp penat la nk taip pjg2.
tgk la,kalo rajin, ade la sambungannye.
kalo malas, xde la jawapnye. :)


gambar hanya sekadar hiasan.
[bajet menarik je muke aku,nk jadikan hiasan.haha]

xtau nk tulis ape..
tp rs nk update gak blog ni, sbb bosan n have nothing to do.

life skang,
not bad la.. dh xterasa sgt kebosannye
sbb ak dh jumpe 1 hobi br yg bleh la dianggap berfaedah..
'manjahit manik n berlian pada pakaian sendiri mahupun dijual'.tp sendiri nye br 1 je yg dh bejaya,
ak ske buat je, sndiri pkai xminat sgt.

erm, since long hols ni gak
ak dh start memegang kuali dan periuk..

'memegang'? well, indirectly .. nk ckp ak dh start try2 masak la.
so far, ade la a few yg dah ok..
[feel so proud, sbb b4 this goreng telur pon xbrape nk lulus sgt]haha. dasyat gle pompuan.ish3.

ak gak,
menjadi seorang peniaga yg berjaya
yela, everyday ak je yg jaga kadai mama.
byk gak la improve communication skills ngan makcik2 ni..
senang la nt nk sembang2 ngn bakal mak mertua.haha!
[ish2,sharini ni.. kecik2 lg dah gatal]

erm, ape lg erk..

kalo bad things plak,
cuti2 ni sgt susah nk mendapat bekalan alat kecantikan.
moisturizerku sudah out of supply la..
hanya mengharapkan jasa baik kakakku untuk mengepos bekalan baru dr ibukota.

Jun 3, 2010

finally i put the needle down.. n called it 'finish!'

in less than 24hours, i managed to finish my-first-handmade-bead first i thought of doing something heavy, i mean heavy a dress of a bride on their big day. but, with mom's advice..
i decided to make a simple one, so dat it is acceptable to go to any occasion.

bak kata mama,
"xyah la byk2 sgt.. nt nmpak mcm org tua.
youngers kne pkai yg simple2 je.." - yeah,i agree with it.

so, this what i managed to do on my dress..

white+apple green

s.I.m.p.L.e je~

while still in progress


well, its not dat great,
but ok la for the first timer like me,kan?

oOps, someone asked me for credits!

so,here it goes;
to eyzey daleyla, tengkiu la banyok2 atas "sokongan padu" mu ye.
"bunga-bunga cinta"?? "bunga-bunga sakura"??
Oooowh.. ak maseh xleh menerima kenyataan itu.
omputih kato, 'culture shock' gitu. haha.

Jun 2, 2010

... wait,k!

nothing much to say,
um..... im doing something very contrast,
i mean, sgt contra dgn my characteristics.. :)

guess wut????

im creating a kind of bead embroidery on my dress!
make it looks like a wedding dress,maybe.. haha.
ntah cmne ak tetibak plak minat bendalah cmni.. kalo dulu, sluar koyak pon mcna yg jahitkan. haha!

so, wait for next entry..
i'll show my first-handmade-bead embroidery! auwW..

[feelin so feminin.. ahakx!]

May 24, 2010

Aaarrgghhhh!!! tidak.. aku kne lg!

story 1:

pagi td, i was a bit busy.. doing some secretary job for abah.
then, i realised.. there was an sms,
"shimuk,ad org kate body ko cntik, die ***** kt pge fb ko, menakotkn"
at first,ak ingatkan member2ku yg saje nk main2 kt fb,
but when i signed in.. gulp! stranger dr ceruk mn la yg wat kaco kt status fb aku ni!!!
"ko mmg cantik mas, body ko lagi cantik. ko.......blabla~"
jijik gile~
aku tepaksa delete a few comments kt my latest status kt fb..
xsanggup aku nk menjaja komen sewel cmtu..

story 2:

ak g pasa mlm... a few hours ago la.
tgh2 crowd tu,dtg sorang mamat ni.. dekat sgt ngn aku,
tetbe bisik kt telingaku,.."hai,syg"
oOw,man... meremang abes aku..
dekat ngn telinga plak tu.. yela,bile dh smpai bab telinga ni,ak surrender comment~
lepas tu,ak cepat2 toleh kiri kanan,nk tgk manahaq mn la tu..
mamat yg tego aku kt meter air aritu!!!!!!!! [refer to my previous post,desperate? or crazy?]

p/s: thanx to aya sbb sms aku.. kalo x,sure mamat tu dok merapu2 lg..

aneh2 la manusia skang ni.
mungkin sejajar dgn kemajuan teknologi.. ['sejajar'? mn aku dpt word ni???]
where r their brain? itu je la yg ak wondering skang ni..
xkan la.. good men gone sewel dh sumenye..
[cecey,mcm tajuk lagu plak.. good girl gone bad]

May 23, 2010

mama,i ♥ u..

i ♥ u so much.
i want u to be like how u used to be,
tho i know i m now wishing for something almost-impossible,
u are the best mom in this world,ma..
u are, n always.. forever.

i know,
all these things are coz of tiredness and pressure,
this may be normal for others,
but i never see u being in this worse condition..
ever, so long since i m breathing.

i can live without others, but i cant without u,
i hate to think of this,
but i know.. it is a certainty for all human beings,
God, give her a good health.

May 21, 2010

satria baja hitam

my childhood hero
zaman kanak2 dulu, ske gle tgk satria baja hitam.
belt'nya akan mengeluarkan cahaya yg berwarna-warni apabila die mahu bertukar
dan tambah power.
moto die plak, fullammMmaak!!.. laju gile.
tgk la,siap ade sesungut lg tu.