Apr 20, 2011

because you are everything to me..

right after having tea, i heard a beep, "1 new sms" , i read it. it was about the details i need to email to the trainee college for posting.
huh. i was so lazy to think about it.to think of where i want to work, what is my plan in the future, what's gonna happen to my driving license,blabla.

this evening, i cant stop thinking of the best place i want to be posted. at first, i was thinking of choosing any place around Kl or selangor. ive been thinking of it for a long time before. it was all because i really really want to further my study. ive been dreaming of, at least, holding a master degree. huhu.so, being in kl.. i have more choices and opportunities to improve my eng n have a place in good uni.

i always not-so-confident with my decision. so, i asked mom. the way she talked, i knew. she wanted mu so much to be with her. so it means, i should choose my hometown. i kinda refuse to accept the suggestion, at first.
"kalo ma,ma pilih kt sini je. yela, bile lg dik nk tinggal ngn ma.dah lame tinggal ma sorang2.xkan la skang pon nk dok jauh lg. ni pon xlama,dah kawen nt, dik dah kne follow husband.tinggal ma sorang lagi."
omaiGod,i felt like..
.... hurm. i wanna cry. so touched with her words. mmg dah lame sgt aku tinggal umah tu. since i was thirteen. its been 10years i left that house. 10years, also, i left her.

what should i do? mom's request or my dream?

hoho. it was damn difficult. yet, my heart always says that, every mom's word is magical. bak kata a friend of mine, "do sacrifice selagi diorang masih ada". yup, i agree. huhu.

status: im 70-30. in dilemma.