Apr 19, 2010

a strange nite

the same goes on other days,
after praying magrib yesterday, i did some exercise.
some indoor activities, just to make myself sweaty;its healthy.

right after exercising, i went to the hall for i heard the voices of my relatives visiting my house.
while i was chitchatting with them, i found something strange happened to me.
my heart beat so fast, ever!
siyesly, i never felt dat way b4..i tried to calm n relax.. for i assumed,dats maybe due to the exercise i did just now.
but,nothing change..

the beat continued until i felt so tired, n.. i shivered.
i took bath n pray isyak.since the beat became faster n faster.. i recited the Yassin.
thank God,its better..

later, i was on the phone with a 'fren'.. chitchat,joking,blabla..as usual, as how i used to..
the clock showed, 11.55pm.
i wasnt sleepy,yet. so i read my fav magazine; Prevention while listening to mp3.

as time almost 1am,i went to bed because i worried not being able to get up early on the next day.
at that moment,my heart beat fast..again.faster n faster n faster.. dubbdabbdubbdabb!
as i tried to close my eyes, i saw an image of a big snake!
i knew,it was in my head. not the real snake. but it happened everytime i tried to sleep.

"knape ni? ape maksud sume ni??"-still wondering~
ular tu,as if.. mahu mematuk diriku. oOwh..

the snake was definitely like this, how it opened the mouth.. n the size is almost

i tried, n tried again to sleep..
n lastly,............................................................ i did not sleep since last night until now.
i m writing this, not writing actually..but typing.. with my head feeling so dizzzzzZZZzzyy..

this is me,rite this moment...
like a walking zombie


  1. from experience ayah aku, die dlu slalu jog slow2 evryday.pstu one day die saje nk test power, die pn jog la kuat sket. pstu die jd mcm ko la. dupdap kuat gile smpai peluh2 skit2 smpai. pstu die g hosp doc ckp jntung die xleh nk handle pressure exercise die tu.bhaya.
    ko jgn exercise truk2 la, basuh pggan jela. xpun g klinik. tnye je, dokter xmrh pnye.
    tkut gle la entry ko kali ni. siap ade ular sawe. eeee~

  2. hahaha.. sebbaik aku xletak ular btol.

    nway,ak jog biase2 je.cm yg slalu ak wat.
    but.. b4 this[masa ak keje kt farmasi]ak pnah wat medical checkup.. yup,there's some probs there..
    they said,i need yoga. but,susah sket la nk cr mende tu kt sni..