May 4, 2011

i shud stay away dr bende2 yg menyakitkan hati.

while others are busy and so excited telling stories about their experience in school.. and so nervous+excited to know the exam result today, i am still feeling. bile tgk fb je.. sume org wat status pasal ROS, pasal exam, etc.
sume org ckp pasal good things.
"alhamdulillah.. " - it means u have good result.
"nice teachers, nice staffs,..." -it means u r happy with the school.
im happy for my friends :)

tp aku, tetap.. no feeling.
result exam? lebih kurang je ngn sem2 lepas.
experience in school? biase je.. nothing interesting.
[mmg dasar hati kering!]

as i browse thru to see my friends on9,
i came across something dat really annoy me.
nk ckp accidentally saw it, xjugak.sbb aku mmg bukak web tu.
nk ckp sengaja.. x jugak. sbb no intention pon mula2 tu. haha.masalah btol aku ni.

just wondering:
there r people who never give up bothering, disturbing, n 'busy body' bout others, while they [already] had a stable and happy 'state'. dont they feel like wanna give chances for 'the other' to also feel free n happy? mcm2 jenis btol la manusia ni. btol la org ckp, manusia ni xpnah cukop n puas ngn rezeki yg Tuhan bagi.

May 2, 2011

1st day at school..

at this moment.. im supposed to write my daily reflection as a journal to be submitted. unfortunately, im not in the mood of reflecting on what ive done today [ for journal purposes].
i arrived at school at about 7.40am this morning. went to office, met with head school n blabla..
overall, im doing nothing today. wasting my time in teacher's room, texting friends [asking what they did, and what i was supposed to do], pretending to be busy looking at some papers in file, n listening to teachers gossiping about the very-fierce head school.

brrr.. i was so bored. bewildered.
n i just dont like every single thing i did today. huhu.

while wasting hours waiting for the bell to ring as a sign of 'now, u can go home n forget the school'..
i was contemplating of leaving this field. completing the period mentioned in the agreement bet me n the gov, n continue my journey to other field.. how bad i am, i feel so damn bad with myself.
"why am i here?"
"how im gonna handle my life? this is the environment and place i have to live to the fullest.. [supposedly la..]"
"when will i love this job? as how others do"
sobsob. n i hate myself too.. :(

O,my Lord..
show me the right path. guide me to the right decision.
so that im not ruining the future of small innocent children,
who go to school together with the parents' hope,
who dream to be great people in the future,
who hungry for knowledge.
otherwise, plant the tree of spirit and enthusiasm in me.
so that i'll be sincere in doing this job... amin~

sharini.. please la. help urself. this is going to be a great experience and opportunity, grab it! being a teacher is the best choice for u.mulia jadi cikgu ni..
[console myself untuk ke sekian kalinya]
tp ape2 pon, aku rasa aku dah byk make effort today. effort utk meminatkan diri. yeah, go shimuk! ........................ fullstop.

Apr 20, 2011

because you are everything to me..

right after having tea, i heard a beep, "1 new sms" , i read it. it was about the details i need to email to the trainee college for posting.
huh. i was so lazy to think about think of where i want to work, what is my plan in the future, what's gonna happen to my driving license,blabla.

this evening, i cant stop thinking of the best place i want to be posted. at first, i was thinking of choosing any place around Kl or selangor. ive been thinking of it for a long time before. it was all because i really really want to further my study. ive been dreaming of, at least, holding a master degree., being in kl.. i have more choices and opportunities to improve my eng n have a place in good uni.

i always not-so-confident with my decision. so, i asked mom. the way she talked, i knew. she wanted mu so much to be with her. so it means, i should choose my hometown. i kinda refuse to accept the suggestion, at first.
"kalo ma,ma pilih kt sini je. yela, bile lg dik nk tinggal ngn ma.dah lame tinggal ma sorang2.xkan la skang pon nk dok jauh lg. ni pon xlama,dah kawen nt, dik dah kne follow husband.tinggal ma sorang lagi."
omaiGod,i felt like..
.... hurm. i wanna cry. so touched with her words. mmg dah lame sgt aku tinggal umah tu. since i was thirteen. its been 10years i left that house. 10years, also, i left her.

what should i do? mom's request or my dream?

hoho. it was damn difficult. yet, my heart always says that, every mom's word is magical. bak kata a friend of mine, "do sacrifice selagi diorang masih ada". yup, i agree. huhu.

status: im 70-30. in dilemma.

Apr 16, 2011

the wrong is not always bad

just came across a friend's thought and sigh
".. how many time do i have to meet the wait for the right one?"

that was a question with no answer.that was once a question in my mind too. meeting, knowing, getting close, and jump into a relationship with the wrong is a pain with no remedy,indeed. cry,tears, stress, silence will be a constant companion,later on. but, thats what human called 'bittersweet'. no one had a perfect journey of life, even a cinderella gone through hardship before she possessed a so-magical-and-wonderful shoes that made her a princess :)

in fact, meeting the wrong is not always bad. they teach us what to avoid and what to eye for in seeking for the one-meant-to-be-with. they give us the guidelines and criteria to look for in the one who can take care of us. they prove us that life is all about ups and downs. they mature us. [and they also teach woman that not all man can be trusted.haha!]

a novice in life always make wrong decisions. just like in other pc-game, after being given so many "GAME OVER"..then we build some clues and trick to win the game.. [kalo main game zombie, ntah brp kali kne makan otak.haha]

patience, constant pray, and always doing good; for a good man is meant to be with a good woman. Tuhan dah tetapkan every step and moment in our life. had crush with the wrong is like we stop by stations to ask people for direction.. and continue the journey to the destination. at the end of it, we reach at the place we planned to go [with the help of direction from people at the stations]..

dun sad, dun give up on God's try. but, move on and have the courage.
chill :)

p/s: this is just a random hard feelings ye. tata.

Apr 13, 2011

ok,now i feel scared...

while others are all zzzzzz in the house, im the only one who are so loyal to my mr.TV..
br lepas tgk drama melayu 'terlebih sudah'
a story about a mental illness man yg suke skodeng2 pompuan n obses nk jadikan awek. perghh.. menyeramkan.
psychotic men are everywhere! aku mula takot utk berkawan dgn org yg tidak dikenali skang.

tambah2 plak, wif my friend's statement,
"org2 yg nk kawan ngn ko,sumenye jenis psiko.saba je la erk shimuk..nasib ko"
terngiang2 kot ayat tu kt telinga aku masa tgk cerita td.
siyes, its a good malay drama utk di ambil lesson.
cuz i know.. many girls akan cepat cair with sweet-talkers.
even if how kind the man is.. how nice he treats u.. dun ever jump into a conclusion that : owh,laki ni baik.sesuai dijadikan future husband.
omg.. u r plainly sick!

in fact,drama ni bukan la 1st exposure aku thdap cerita2 cmni.
i did know some people who kind of.. senang sangkut ngn mamat2 yg kacak n sweettalk ni.
i just dun understand how they think.
laki[total stranger] tegur kt mall pon, hati dah berbunga2 smpai balik hostel...
laki senyum sket je.. otak mula ligat berfikir, "die suke aku ke??"
knal sehari dua,.. dah bleh close n even become a bf.

i do believe, people thinks differently.
tp plis la... be sensible and rational.huhu.

p/s: ive done mistakes.just giving advice based on experience.

Apr 10, 2011

mixed feeling - happy hols!

unconciously.. [skema plak]
i am now going out of the place of freedom.. [yet,no so freedom.but ok la if compared to the other one.brrr] and, this is gonna be my last 3months-hols throughout my undergraduate life. bubbye iium! sobsob.

in next coming 3 months (july), i WILL HAVE TO say hi to a trainee college in Malacca - i was once there.
to be exact, an all-girls-trainee-college ; here im using the concept of euphemism. haha.
nway, the only thing i miss about the college was the kindness of all ENGLISH lecturers. they are the one who had built a confidence in me, who give me kinda strength to keep moving [dedicate to mdm iswander], give me an inspiration to explore the beauty of grammar which everyone seems to hate it [dedicate to mdm low, one day i will be in ur field,insyaAllah], blabla

but, thinking of the rules and the mindset of the community in it,
siyesly.. it makes me sick.
i did wonder sometimes.. does this college was built to train people to be army? or teacher? ade sedikit confuse di situ bile mengenangkan rules nya.. huh! but i believed, there must be reasons behind it.. [sedapkan hati]

for now,
just enjoy the hols and cherish every minute i have. [dah malas nk tulis]
bye! <3

Mar 30, 2011


esOk exam.huaarghh!

side effeect dari exam:
1. makin gemok.
2. kuat tido.
3. serangan encik jerawat bertubi-tubi
4. sindrom malas bermula.
5. keinginan utk keluar beronggeng membuak-buak.

Mar 28, 2011

saya jatuh cinta

wahai jejaka dlm video ni,
knape saya rasa awak kacak,ye?
sepanjang tgk clip ni, saya xtgk pon kt cik tailor tu.
hanya ternanti2 nk tgk scene awak. [psycho gile,sharini!]
jom, kite kapel <3

[tulisan kaler merah sbg tanda cinta semakin bersemi] hahaha.

Mar 14, 2011



masa jenjalan ngn azzy,
kami singgah di tmpat pameran cookies, cupcake, n cake
sume2 tu.. yg jenis aisin keras cmni la.. [aku xtau ape nama die]
tp siyes, sweet sgt deco die.
alangkah bagusnya kalo aku reti buat bende2 ni.
kalo aku xbusy dan xde ape yg menghalang,
mau aje aku g belajar baking and deco cupcake n cookies cmni..
bile birthday or ape2 je la.. bleh bg bende ni as a gift.
[yes, i get the idea for the next 'season]haha.

M & S = stands for my name.

p/s: sayangnye nk makan..
adakan aku hanya akan simpan n gantung cookies ni smpai die bekulat??

Mar 11, 2011

indahnya hidup mereka...

ya, kali ni topik pasal makanan.
aku selalu terpk and berangan.. "kan best kalo sebanyak mana pon kita makan, tp badan maintain je"
tp mmg agak impossible kot.mungkin la ade.. kes2 terpencil cmni. tp bukan aku.
jadi title post ni, aku tujukan kpd golongan2 terpencil itu.

kalo la angan2 aku tu satu kenyataan:
1. hari2 aku akan g jumpe pakcik robin. makan aiskrim.
2. makcik anne pon same. aunty anne pretzel.. mmg konfim ade kt sebelah aku skang.[smbil taip blog, smbil makan.indah!]
3. wekend je.. destinasi wajib aku : godiva chocolatier store. [choc shake kamu mmg 5star!]
4. tanpa segan silu.. muka aku la yg akan ke kdai chicken chop tiap2 ari.
5. kalo breakfast, full cream milk. xde dah aku nk beli low fat.
6. toffee kt Harrods.. sentiasa ade dlm bag kelas aku. jadikan ia sbg makanan utk menghilangkan ngantok semasa lecture.

fuhh.. kalo btol la cmtu,
hari2 idop aku gembira je.
tp tu la. aku HARUS berpijak dibumi yg nyata. [sedih kembali..sobsob]

hari2 menu aku:
1. breakfast: roti 1 or 2 kpg, or low fat milk, or cereal, or buah shj.
2. lunch: sayur2an, buah2an, roti, yogurt, [salah satu shj].. kalo plg meriah pon : sayur &ikan.
3. dinner: sup sayur, tomyam sayur [salah satu] & buah.
4. makanan menghilangkan ngantok semasa lecture: kismis.
[perghh!... nmpak mcm sgt sihat menu di atas,kan?
tp siyesly, idop sgt xgembira]

tiap kali tgk member2 yg lain,
bleh makan sesuka ati, tanpa perlu pk pasal gemok ------> aku jeles
tiap kali tgk org2 lain yg lagi 'bulat' dr aku,
makan dgn gembiranya tanpa rasa risau ------------------> aku jeles gak, krn diorang xdikurniakan perasaan risau.

tambah2 lg, skang life sgt hectic dgn class, presentation, assignments, dan exam yg berada di sudut.[knape 'around the corner erk?aku xpaham]
ke'hectic'an itu membuatkan aku dah agak lama [2miggu] tidak beriadah. waaa.. risau2.
smlm g jog, rasa berat gile. sebbaik xbegegar uia, anak gajah sedang berjoging. huh!
tp ape2 pon, aku beryukur..
so far, i've lost almost 20kilo semenjak zaman bulat amat dulu.
zaman bulat amat = zaman frust. [cerita lama, lupekan kejadian itu sharini..!]
tp tu la.. manusia xkan pernah puas ati dgn ape yg dah ade skang..
disebabkan aku juga adalah manusia, dah bukan seekor kucing..
jadi aku juga tidak berpuas ati.


Mar 10, 2011

10th March

"Si bunga, arini genap usia awak setahun,kan?hehe" said shimuk to herself smbil melihat gambar bunga di atas di dalam externalnya.
while i am almost-crazy.. struggling to finish loads of work, aku hampir terlupe yg arini adalah 10th of March.
huhu. time flies so fast!

so long as the photo dont fade,
there goes what lies within..

Mar 4, 2011

high tension danger

sila berjaga2.
sy tgh tension yg amat.
sape datang n buat sawan.. siap!

hoho, bile la nk abes sume keje yg menimbun ni???
makin hari, makin botak aku... [buat keje smbil garu kepala]
lepas je final exam nt, kne g yun nam agaknye.... haha.

Feb 27, 2011

dearest, psychotics sekalian...

lay off!
aku mahu idop dgn aman.
cukop2 la tu...
u choose ur own way, and i walk in my own path.

:: i just an ordinary village girl, g la psycho org lain..huhu ::

Feb 23, 2011

today is 23rd of february

while 'the other people' graduated today [congratez!],
im here. struggling with my study, trying so hard to settle loads of work.
assignments, proposal paper, interviews, recording, bla2.
im still doing my fav job,a part-time translator. :)

i barely have time for myself,indeed.
n work..

mode : homesick - poket dah almost kering - byk keje - rasa gemuk tho KG stay je.. - where's my mom? - where's emily? - missing,brrr..

Feb 21, 2011

thanx God, im recovered.

its been a few times i have to pray while sitting. indeed, its inconvenient.
but, since its a must. i have to.
this zohor, i was able to be normal. i mean, performed in the way others do.
Alhamdulillah.. You heal my injuries.

there are so many things happened lately. i got sick, accident, 'rob', etc.
yeah, i did blaming other things for it.
now.. i begin to realize the hidden lesson God wanted me to learn.
wut shud i do now?
indeed, i have to change... its not an easy job to do, may time help me to. :)

Feb 20, 2011

lagenda : nadiah dan kerbau

kalo dulu feymes ngn citer sang kancil dan buaya.
skang, wujud pula citer nadiah dan kerbau.

sesi soal jawap :

"sape nadiah?"
seperti yg anda sedia maklum dan mengenali beliau.

"tp knape dgn kerbau? xde ke nama haiwan cute yg lain?"
ade je. tp kerbau tu plg sesuai dijadikan gandingan nadiah.

"owh, tp knape?die suke kerbau ke?"
bab tu.. aku xsure. tp yg pasti kalo la tetibe di anjurkan program 'sehari bersama nadiah', korang akan tau ape sbb die.. [burrpp!]

"rasanya.. kitorang dpt agak ko ape sbb die..[smbil tersenyum].
kamu mmg bijak.

"jadi, apekah watak yg dimainkan oleh nadiah dlm cerita tu?"
owh.. erm.. nadiah adalah ketua dlm geng kerbau tersebut. :)

cute,kan? kerbau ni..
sbb tu nadiah rasa berbesar hati sbg ketua mereka.

"i will forgive but i will not forget"

yet, forgive and forget is totally different matters.
those words, of course, begin with F.. but it ends with different letter.
kt situ pon dah bleh nmpak perbezaan die.

attended parenting class this morning,
thats the place where i started to realise and think about the quote.
in depth, i mean.

these are some words from others in the group yg aku ingat:

" if we still remember mistakes done by others, does it mean we already forgive the person?'"
"i dun think so."

"for guys, mmg senang (kot) to forgive and forget, but its not for woman"

"why dun u forget n begin a new start?"

" forget it? its a no-way for me. people had done bad to u, how can we just forget it? but, yess.. i will forgive"

a simple quote but with different views.
aku pon xterpk smpai cmtu b4 this. but, for sure...
to forgive and forget is a not an easy one.
in whatever matter.
unless, u r so good and close-to-God.
[owh, i miss that state so much. when will i be one of them??]

Feb 19, 2011


knape ckp,
"eee.. pompuan tu.. suke kawan ngn laki.kejap ngn org tu, kejap ngn org ni"
tp, diri sendiri,
asek ber'sms ngn laki. kalo keluar, siap pgg2 tgn.. main2 kaki. [yek!]

knape ckp,
"aku sgt xsuke org yang buat post emo kt blog.suke ckp xpuas ati ngn org tu la.. ngn org ni la.."
tp diri ko sendiri,
belambak2 post cmtu kt blog. siap ade gamba lg.

knape ckp,
"eeee.. [smbil mencebik] jijiknya pompuan tu.. tgk la bf die cmne. mcm org xde masa depan"
tp diri ko sendiri,
adakah ko dh pilih org yg betul?

knape ckp,
" die tu memang.. nk org ikot ape yang die ckp je"
tp diri ko sendiri,
ko gak yg tnya opinion org tersebut. bile diberi suggestion ko ckp cmtu plak. memang serba serbi xbetul kot ngn ko ni.

knape ckp,
" since ko couple, ko dah xkesah pasal kawan2 ko yg lain. padahal, ko knal kitorng lg lama dr laki tu"
tp diri ko sendiri,
do the same thing.

knape ckp,
'ala.. enjoy la dulu beb. muda sekali je. nt dah tua aku berubah la"
aku nk tnya ko,
"mati 2 kali ke beb?"

knape ckp,
"cecey.. apsal ngn ko skang ni? tudung besar je.. baik gile"
aku nk tnya ko,
"salah ke aku buat cmni?? ko tu,bile nk berubah?"

knape ckp,
"aku selalu xbenasib baik. xmcm korang.. "
aku nk ckp sket,
jgn merungut, sume tu Tuhan dh tetapkan.ade hikmahnya.

knape ckp,
"ish.. aku ni asek xsihat je.xsuke la cmni"
aku nk ckp sket,
"sakit tu penghapus dosa. saba la. mungkin ade petunjuk disebalik tu"

sekian dulu.

Feb 18, 2011

"fren indeed is fren in need"

well, ya..
i dun really like the quote.
"fren indeed is fren in need"

can i make a correction? plis..
"fren indeed is fren in every beat of ur heart"
not just... 'in need'.

tq, :)

Feb 10, 2011

perjanjian aku bersama nadiah roslan.

4tahun yang lalu,
termeterai satu perjanjian diantara mas sharini dan nadiah.
perjanjian yang sgt serius. boleh juga dipanggil 'perjanjian hidop-mati'.. atau juga perjanjian 'berdarah'.

isi kandungan perjanjian:
1. kalo aku xde boifren lg smpai umo 30, aku sanggup single dan mahu menghabiskan masa dgn melancong bersama geng2 single.
2. kalo ibubapaku mencarikan aku calon suami dan memaksa aku untuk menerima jejaka itu, aku tak nak terima dan mahu melarikan diri ke rumah nadiah.
3. nadiah wajib merahsiakan tempat persembunyian itu dari pengetahuan ibubapaku.
4. jika aku sgt keciwa, aku akan membawa diri dan memulakan hidup baru.

tp beberapa bulan lepas tu,
nadiah bgtau aku.. family nya akan berpindah ke kelantan.
aku keciwa dan gundah-gulana.
'nt mana aku nk lari. kalo stakat dlm kelantan, nt sure bapak aku dpt cari'

tp arini, nadiah mengeluarkan 1 statement:
"ayah aku nk start beniaga skang, xtau la jadi ke x kitorang nk pindah klantan"
ini bermakna, nadiah akan tinggal di tganu lame lg..

abes serius la perjanjian ni.
[kalo btol2 serius, xde plak aku nk tulih kt sini]

p/s: nadiah, sila amek perhatian dan sentiasa bersedia menerima ketibaan aku kt umah mu.

Feb 8, 2011

Dont ask God to make life easier, but ask Him to make ourselves stronger.

life is damn hectic today :(
even a zombie looks more energetic than me.
God,help me to go thru this life..

Feb 3, 2011

[xyah bace pon xpe. xde pekdah pon]

"saya tutup pintu hati saya selama 6tahun sbb takut dikecewakan lagi. tp sekarang saya jatuh cinta dgn awak"
dialog dalam citer 'la ikro ha fiddin'

skali dgr mcm sgt jiwang,
but it so meaningful :) hinggakan aku bleh ingat skrip tuh.
tetibe plak aku menghayati dialog citer melayu dgn bersemangat.
[petanda aku dah xde keje lain nk buat]

'have you ever really love a woman' - bryan adams

bile tgk blog hani omma td, aku terus ingat lagu ni.
[thanx to dat somebody who gave this to me]

erm, so sweet kan die nyer lyrics.
but this song dah lame sgt.
aku pon mcm dah xingat or maybe xpnah dgr pon lagu ni b4 someone introduced it to me (baru je)
haha. gile classic la.

mula2 dgr: "lagu ni, bleh la buat aku nyer lullaby.. slow gile. ngantok~"
lame lepas tu : "erm.. sweet gak ade part xmenahan.. contohnye: see the unborn children in your eyes.. haha"

thumbs up! :D

Feb 2, 2011

absence makes the heart grow fonder

i bet, people may think that im going to write about a lover [bf] as they saw the title.
haha.btol x?
ermmm.. no, im not gonna talk about it.

but, what i am thinking r8 now is, the hols is going to an end.
i gonna miss my mOm so much :(
how i wish to be with u everyday
like how you used to be with me when i was a baby.

to accompany you to the place that you always wish to be,
like how u always struggle to fulfill what i want.

to share my laugh,
coz i want to make u happy and forget all the pain you have been through.

to make you keep smiling,
n i will feel so much better when i see u :)

to always be by your side,
even if the best i can be is ... only a good listener.


Jan 29, 2011

Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.

being honest is not an easy task to do by people who used to tell lies, and cheat.
it is not a difficult one to do, either, by those who always believe that Allah is always watching us and everything we do.
why do we need to cheat? why do we need to take all the tricks? why cant we just feel grateful with what we have and what we will get?
little fruit that come with legal effort is more berkat
than a mountain of fruits that comes with dishonest deeds.
"berkat".. to certain people, it may sound like nothing.
it can affect your whole life,indeed.
you may not feel or get God's punishment immediately,
it may come in years, or even decades in the future.
if you found yourself lacking in certain field,
dont simple blame your luck or destiny
but, first look back to what you have done.

mode: if you watch people commit sin, first: stop them with your hand
if u cant do it, second: stop them with your words,
yet.. if u stil dont have the courage, third: hate the bad deed. its enuf.

Jan 28, 2011

officially,im 23.

27th Jan 20111,
im officially 23 :)

23, its just a number,kan? [sedapkan hati]
being older, is not a good news at all. time moves so fast. today,im 23.
next year, im gonna be 24, n next 25.. n next 26, blabla.
it means im walking toward:

1. a phase that people start to ask me, "dah ade calon ke?" "bile nak langsung?" "org mane?".. seriously, you give me headache.

2. a new life in just a year n half ahead, being a career girl..[still, i dun want to use 'woman'-indicates that im old]. having own career,yeah.. it sounds nice. no.. not nice. great,indeed. but.. im not ready for aku nk blaja lg!

3. plainly, it tells me.. "sharini, u r not teenange anymore, u r adult.behave urself la!
ape ni, prangai ntah pape"

4. i miss my childhood :(

5. Aaaarrghh! xleh terima kenyataan. aku makin tua!!

luckily, i have friends who really cheer me up on dat moment. they gave me a surprise birthday cake!

it looks yummy,kan? bukan look je.. mmg yummy pon.
masa makan tu xsedar.. lepas makan je, i felt like i wanna jog 10x pusing uia. :D

thanx so much my dearest frens,
so touched.aku rasa nk nanges je tym korang nyanyi bufday aku tu.. but,tahan.. control macho.
seriously, this gonna be a memorable moment in my life. no one had ever did such surprise for me.
n i'll keep the video. bile aku tgk 4 or 5 years akan dtg.. confirm aku sedih gle2. miss korang.
... n thanks for the presents, cards, calls, n wishes.

sayang korang sume! muahx

Jan 23, 2011

the nitemare ever

arini bejaya gak meralisasikan aim ke-2 aku b4 meninggalkan u ini..
joging all around uia! :)
walopon keadaan yg agak kurang mengizinkan.. bgn pagi dlm keadaan sneezing tanpa henti,
at last i finished it. yeye!

sbb in the future,aku xnak jd cmni..

mahupun revolusi seperti ini.

oleh sebab itu,
aku terpaksa menetapkan aim sebegitu.
jeles tgk org kurus.Uargh!!


mau aje aku cabut hidung ni..
SssrooOott.. :(

Jan 11, 2011

1st entry for 2011

its oredi 11th of jan.but this is my 1st entry for 2011.
well,org buzy.. xleh ckp ape la. ngee~

mcm biase, a new year.. a new start.
tp aku stil lg mcm dulu2.
tiap tahun, ade je azam baru.. but xsmpai masuk feb, azam tu mcm dah terkubur je.haha.
ini la yg dinamakan hot hot chicken shit.

ape2 pon.. idop mesti ade aim.[cewah~gaya seorang yg bermisi]
hehe. namun, biarlah harapan tu aku je yg tau.
nk mention kt sini, kang xtercapai.. malu plak. hoho.

wutever it is,
there is always a fact that we have to remember:
life is full of bittersweet.
kita yg merancang, Tuhan yg menentukan.

1. if people had done nothing wrong, but u just dislike it. keep it to urself. u may hurt others feeling with ur words.
2. if u dont agree with other people's decision, but it totally has nothing to do with u.. why dont u just shut up. it is better than say it out with not-so-nice manner.
3. mind own business.
4. ........[tambah la sendiri]hehe.

tidak dinyatakan nama sesiapa. jd, xyah la terasa lebih ke ape.general advices. utk diri sendiri n sape2 yg baca.