May 4, 2011

i shud stay away dr bende2 yg menyakitkan hati.

while others are busy and so excited telling stories about their experience in school.. and so nervous+excited to know the exam result today, i am still feeling. bile tgk fb je.. sume org wat status pasal ROS, pasal exam, etc.
sume org ckp pasal good things.
"alhamdulillah.. " - it means u have good result.
"nice teachers, nice staffs,..." -it means u r happy with the school.
im happy for my friends :)

tp aku, tetap.. no feeling.
result exam? lebih kurang je ngn sem2 lepas.
experience in school? biase je.. nothing interesting.
[mmg dasar hati kering!]

as i browse thru to see my friends on9,
i came across something dat really annoy me.
nk ckp accidentally saw it, xjugak.sbb aku mmg bukak web tu.
nk ckp sengaja.. x jugak. sbb no intention pon mula2 tu. haha.masalah btol aku ni.

just wondering:
there r people who never give up bothering, disturbing, n 'busy body' bout others, while they [already] had a stable and happy 'state'. dont they feel like wanna give chances for 'the other' to also feel free n happy? mcm2 jenis btol la manusia ni. btol la org ckp, manusia ni xpnah cukop n puas ngn rezeki yg Tuhan bagi.

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