Jan 29, 2011

Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.

being honest is not an easy task to do by people who used to tell lies, and cheat.
it is not a difficult one to do, either, by those who always believe that Allah is always watching us and everything we do.
why do we need to cheat? why do we need to take all the tricks? why cant we just feel grateful with what we have and what we will get?
little fruit that come with legal effort is more berkat
than a mountain of fruits that comes with dishonest deeds.
"berkat".. to certain people, it may sound like nothing.
it can affect your whole life,indeed.
you may not feel or get God's punishment immediately,
it may come in years, or even decades in the future.
if you found yourself lacking in certain field,
dont simple blame your luck or destiny
but, first look back to what you have done.

mode: if you watch people commit sin, first: stop them with your hand
if u cant do it, second: stop them with your words,
yet.. if u stil dont have the courage, third: hate the bad deed. its enuf.

Jan 28, 2011

officially,im 23.

27th Jan 20111,
im officially 23 :)

23, its just a number,kan? [sedapkan hati]
being older, is not a good news at all. time moves so fast. today,im 23.
next year, im gonna be 24, n next 25.. n next 26, blabla.
it means im walking toward:

1. a phase that people start to ask me, "dah ade calon ke?" "bile nak langsung?" "org mane?".. seriously, you give me headache.

2. a new life in just a year n half ahead, being a career girl..[still, i dun want to use 'woman'-indicates that im old]. having own career,yeah.. it sounds nice. no.. not nice. great,indeed. but.. im not ready for it.plus.. aku nk blaja lg!

3. plainly, it tells me.. "sharini, u r not teenange anymore, u r adult.behave urself la!
ape ni, prangai ntah pape"

4. i miss my childhood :(

5. Aaaarrghh! xleh terima kenyataan. aku makin tua!!

luckily, i have friends who really cheer me up on dat moment. they gave me a surprise birthday cake!

it looks yummy,kan? bukan look je.. mmg yummy pon.
masa makan tu xsedar.. lepas makan je, i felt like i wanna jog 10x pusing uia. :D

thanx so much my dearest frens,
so touched.aku rasa nk nanges je tym korang nyanyi bufday aku tu.. but,tahan.. control macho.
seriously, this gonna be a memorable moment in my life. no one had ever did such surprise for me.
n i'll keep the video. bile aku tgk 4 or 5 years akan dtg.. confirm aku sedih gle2. miss korang.
... n thanks for the presents, cards, calls, n wishes.

sayang korang sume! muahx

Jan 23, 2011

the nitemare ever

arini bejaya gak meralisasikan aim ke-2 aku b4 meninggalkan u ini..
joging all around uia! :)
walopon keadaan yg agak kurang mengizinkan.. bgn pagi dlm keadaan sneezing tanpa henti,
at last i finished it. yeye!

sbb in the future,aku xnak jd cmni..

mahupun revolusi seperti ini.

oleh sebab itu,
aku terpaksa menetapkan aim sebegitu.
jeles tgk org kurus.Uargh!!


mau aje aku cabut hidung ni..
SssrooOott.. :(

Jan 11, 2011

1st entry for 2011

its oredi 11th of jan.but this is my 1st entry for 2011.
well,org buzy.. xleh ckp ape la. ngee~

mcm biase, a new year.. a new start.
tp aku stil lg mcm dulu2.
tiap tahun, ade je azam baru.. but xsmpai masuk feb, azam tu mcm dah terkubur je.haha.
ini la yg dinamakan hot hot chicken shit.

ape2 pon.. idop mesti ade aim.[cewah~gaya seorang yg bermisi]
hehe. namun, biarlah harapan tu aku je yg tau.
nk mention kt sini, kang xtercapai.. malu plak. hoho.

wutever it is,
there is always a fact that we have to remember:
life is full of bittersweet.
kita yg merancang, Tuhan yg menentukan.

1. if people had done nothing wrong, but u just dislike it. keep it to urself. u may hurt others feeling with ur words.
2. if u dont agree with other people's decision, but it totally has nothing to do with u.. why dont u just shut up. it is better than say it out with not-so-nice manner.
3. mind own business.
4. ........[tambah la sendiri]hehe.

tidak dinyatakan nama sesiapa. jd, xyah la terasa lebih ke ape.general advices. utk diri sendiri n sape2 yg baca.