Jul 30, 2010


i got news from sis dat the baby was discharged.
phew.. relief~
tho m not certain 'bout what is his condition now,
but the news made me smile.
yes, his condition must be better than b4, i believed.thanx God.
n m goin to have a visit this wekend.
cant wait to see him.hopefully, in the most pleasure state :)
at this point, my student life begins..
i've been loaded with mountains of assignments,
researches, and works.
what a wonderful life, isn't it?
well, dats the life i chose to live. so here i m.

Jul 28, 2010

Ow, tears..

what is kawasaki disease?
i just found out about it.
the article made me felt damn sad-and-i-want-to-cry-but-the-friends-are-here-so-i-feel-shy.
n u know how it feels when we r trying so hard not to cry, i would called it chest-ache.
coz chest will be so painful when we r doing so.huhu.

only You who knows whats the best for us,
give him good health,
give us strength.


Jul 27, 2010

lil boy,get well soon. i luv u damn much.

my lil boy.

i've no word to describe wut i feel now,my fingers seem frozen to press the keyboard n pour the sadness in me,
cuz all i want is to see u smile, happy, and healthy
going thru the most meaningful childhood time.

get well soon dearie,
i'm just not strong enuf to see u lying on the bed.

God,the all knowing,
is He who cures human.

Jul 24, 2010

what a sad day..

today, i was crying.. twice.
never i felt this bad lately. uMm,not bad actually.
but, kind of stress n sad.

my life without lappy for more than 1week
was as miserable as the miserable-est thing in this world.
yesterday, i got it back with the hope that it was 100% ok.
but the crap i got were,
the sound was not functioning n some 'bendasing' was inside the system.
bencinye aku.. mahal2 aku byr, sampah yg aku dpt.cess!
but the real thing that made me felt so unstable now was not the price i paid.
but it was the matter of human quality.. [skema plak dah..]
guy who happened to fix my mr.lappy was one of species i hate the most in this world.
dah ade anak bini, no need laa to ogle others. jijik kot. huhu..

ok, enuf about that species,

this afternoon plak,
i called my sister, just to besembang2 n gossiping.
but things were not always nice...
ku sangka panas hingga ke petang,rupanya hujan di tengahari.
i got a news.. my youngest nephew kne masuk ward.
pity dat lil baby.. demam dh 1 week but until now stil blom ok.
unconciously, my tears dropped.
i dun know how to describe the feelings i have now..
tp it makes me think..
"anak buah masuk ward pon aku dh nanges,
mcm mn kalo anak sendri nt??"
well, yeah.. its long time to go utk anak sndri.

tp sume ni make me realize yg..
a mother's love towards her kids is.... infinity.
anak buah sakit pon aku dh riso2 cmni,
ape lg kalo darah daging sndri. erm..

ok, enuf. nk tdo.

Jul 6, 2010

cuti dh nk abes.. wuuUUwuu~

lg a few days,
ak dh kne blk uia.
huargghhhhh... malas gile!


bkn malas blaja or xhepi dok kt sane..
tp ak rs mcm xsanggup je nk tinggalkan mOm sorang2 kt umah.
erm, xdpt aku imagine how her life wud be then..
dah la umah aku tu sgt sunyi,
dlm sehari, bleh kire brp buah kete je yg lalu kt jalan depan umah ni.
org kt sekeliling plak, bukan jenis cik kiah yg ske bergossip di petang hari..
masing2 dok umah.. huhu.
tp ak tau,cmne2 pon... ak kne gak blk u.
so, saki baki cuti yg ade ni.. ak nk spend the best time with u,mom.

mama, m gonna miss u much!

mood: serba salah.

~yeah,aku bakal homesick nt~

Jul 2, 2010

men vs women

i ♥ writing nonsense.erkk??
while struggling to finish a book, i came across some amusing quotations.its all about men and women.. :)

to prove his love for her, he climbed the highest mountain, swam the deepest ocean, and crossed the widest desert. but, she left him, because he was never home.

when it comes to sex, women need a reason, men need a place.

Miss Universe competitions are watched mainly by men, but Mr. Universe contests turn nobody on.

Most women prefer sex with the lights out- they cant bear to see a man enjoying himself. Men like sex with the lights on- so they can get the woman's name right.

Men want to wait for the perfect partner, but all they get is older.

The flower of love is the rose.
After threee days all the petals fall off and you're left with an ugly. prickly thing.

Its great to be a man because you can buy cucumbers and zucchini without getting embarassed.

My wife can see a blond hair on my coat from twnety feet, but she hits the garage door when she parks the car.

Men often choose greeting cards with plenty of words inside. That way, there's less space for them to write.

i just, ♥ to laf!hahaha.
tiada sebarang maksud tersirat ye ;)