Dec 30, 2010


dari sem-sem yg lepas lg, aku teringin nk derma darah.
at last, arini.. aku berjaya gak menunaikan hasrat tu. yey!
sblom ni, ade je yg menghalang.
smpai masa nk derma je, kne alergy la.. demam la.. mcm2.

b4 derma tu, ade la kne check2.
n kne timbang berat.. dooOo.. takot sgt nk naik scale.yela,dh lame xtimbang.
risau kang jarum scale xbrenti pusing.haha. sebbaik, berat maintain.naik 1kg je dr biase :(

since ni first time nk try donate blood, takot gak awal2 tu.
mn tau.. kot2 aku pengsan ke ape ke lepas tu..
but, luckily.. im ok.xde pape pon.

kt tgn aku skang ade 2kesan injection.
sbb cik nurse tesilap inject masa awal2 tu.
huhu.bile smpai masa ak nk diberi injection je.. selalu cmni. dah brp kali aku jd mangsa tesilap inject.
menurut kata mereka, tgn aku susah nk jumpe tmpat nk inject.
bak kata abg iparku semasa aku mahu melakukan blood test a few months ago:
"susahnye nk inject, xnmpak. tu la, gemok sgt. lemak dah tutop salur darah.hahaha"
amboi.. sedapnye. hehe.
tp,ade kaitan ke?
ak tgk, org lg gemok dr aku pon.. laju je doc inject. xde problem.


Dec 26, 2010

saya rasa mcm nk sepak kamu. dush! dush!

do you need to always comment n like everything i do in fb?
do you need to always give me personal messages in my inbox?
do you need to find my old friends and ask them about me?

do you know that my inbox is full with your so-annoyed-as-if-you-concerned-about-me messages?

do you know that everytime i go on9, i never fail to receive emails form you?

dont you realize that all my friends make fool of you? because u r so 'weird'.
but you still..go on and on with your so irritating deeds.

do you know that your last message, which sounds like:
..."amek la num ni mas, mana tau mas ubah fikiran nanti"... its so damn annoyed.
what ever it is, i wont change my mind!

ikotkan ati, mau aje aku removed ko. tp mengenangkan kita kawan dr kecik.. aku rasa xsampai ati.
why suddenly ko jd cmni? dah kne sampuk ke ape.. huhu.

[bile la aku nk idop dgn tenang, tanpa sebarang gangguan.. sobsob]

Dec 25, 2010

A love letter

This is the one of the example of short writing for prim school. xsangka, budak skolah rendah skang dh ade topic pasal cintan2. masa zaman aku dulu, asek2 tjuk "banjir kilat ditempat saya", "kemalangan yg mengerikan", kalo x pon "menghabiskan masa cuti sekolah dikampung". adoi la...

so, here is the short passage:

A love letter

Bill wrote this letter to Mary:

We've talked on the phone and in my apartment, and now I'm writing this letter. Maybe if I put my thoughts and feelings in writing, you'll understand them better.

I love you. I want to marry you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. You are not a "load." You are not a "troublemaker."

Yes, you have problems. So do I. And together, we can solve these problems more easily than if we were apart. Problems are a part of life. But so is happiness. Let's share our problems and happiness instead of experiencing them alone.

We are not a bad "fit." We are a perfect match. I do not look down on you. I look up to you. I admire you. I think you are smart, brave, and independent. Don't tell me to go find another woman. I don't want another woman. I have found the perfect woman.

Every day, I think about your beautiful smile, your happy laugh. I think about the long walks we used to take, holding hands all the way. Remember how we used to sit on the grass in the park and watch the parrots?

We were going to get married, and now you want to be "just friends." Whatever I did or said that was wrong, please tell me so we can work this out. I don't want to lose you.

after i read this writing, something came to my mind..

" even young learners pon dah di exposed with such values,what more to the ape yg dh jadi skang? mcm terbalik je"

yup, the passage is about a man's love toward a woman. tp byk pengajaran for the children towards driving themselves to the adults life. they know how to appreciate is the greatest moral value that seems to be diseppeared today.

hurm, aku dpt idea nk tulis ni pon, sbb terbaca someone's blog.

for she had been dumped, semata2 sbb she's someone with many family probs.huhu. a good guy shud always be with her, bukannye membiarkan die gone through it alone. she needs support!

[huhu.maafla ye, aku mmg xleh bab2 cmni.tetbe je bleh jd semangat lebih]

nway, ak pnah came across this thing, but not sure its a quranic verse or hadith or..

but it said something like,

"dalam kesusahan itu, ade kesenanganya. dan dalam kesenangan itu ade kesusahannya"

semua kesusahan itu adalah dugaan. jika kita berjaya menghadapinya dgn sabar,

insyaAllah.. kebahagiaan bakal menemui kita. amin~

Dec 19, 2010

a nice weekend

awal2 sem ni, sume org tgh pokai.
scholar blom masuk. so, tempat2 lepak dihujung minggu pastinya bukan di shopping mall,
or any exclusive theme parks.sgt pasti. :)

this weekend,
i almost died of boredom.but, luckily my sis offered me to join them
.. go places semata2 utk menghabiskan masa.
in just one day, we went to almost all places around Selangor.
when we were about to call it a day, kami singgah at one place to have dinner.
it was at Agrotek Garden Resort, which is situated in Hulu Langat.
i bet, this is a nice place for a nature lover.
kagum sejenak [btol ke word aku ni?] bile tgk keadaan sekeliling resort tu,
and how they decorated the place.
byk landscap..
there are fish ponds..
there is a river flowing under the restaurant..
ade fountain..
erm.. best2!

kt bawah tempat makan ni, ade 1 sungai flowing.
makan2 ditemani dgn bunyi sungai mengalir.
b4 smpai kt meja makan ni plak, we have to melalui 1 jambatan kecik.

this is one of the special menu
nama die 'beautiful feeling'.haha
sape2 yg minum, akan rasa cantik kot. :)

kt hujung sane, ade fountain.

ni plak, view dari car park.
ade 1 restroom [kot,xsure]
kt atas bukit.

p/s: byk amek gamba. tp lupe nk transfer masuk lappy. yg lain2, aku buat jeruk dlm camera. haha.

Dec 15, 2010

kini,aku hidop bermusuh!

aku benci ko.
dulu,ko xde knape skang ko tetbe muncul?
dah la dtg, ngn geng2 skali.
abes cool la tu?

ko mmg menyusahkan idop aku.
ko tau x, class aku dah la pack sem ni,
tambah plak keje aku ngn melayan ko.
dalam sehari, berkali2 aku kne bersihkan bilik.
kalo aku ade bibik,xpe gak.
[gile ape nk bawa bibik dtg hostel]

hanya satu janji aku kt ko,
idop ko xkan lama.
kejap lg, aku akan g buat laporan ttg kehadiran ko.
laporan kali kedua,supaya tindakan tegas akan diambil.
mati la ko ngn konco2 nt.
hahahah! puas ati aku.

dah byk ridsect suraya aku guna.
sbb nk mematikan ko.
[tp ak jumpe artikel ckp, jgn guna aerosol utk menghapuskan species ko]
huuh.nmpaknya, aku dh ambil langkah yg salah.
tp ape aku kesah, yg penting korang mati,
wahai anai-anai.. tamatlah riwayatmu cepat2.aku dah xsanggup.
cis! cis!

[saje buat tulisan merah, kasi nmpak marah lebih] hehe.

Dec 14, 2010

not-worth reading

something went wrong,

who shud be blaimed?

no one.

silent rather than quarrel.

Dec 13, 2010

yess..finally,i made it!

today, is the 1st day of this new sem..
but, this sem.. is the last sem in this uni. mcm ape je ayat aku.

arini, 1st day,nothing much.

utk menghilangkan kebosanan, n merealisasikan impian aku yg dah lame tertunggak..
aku g jog ptg td.
tp disebabkan ramai org, aku segan.

so, i made a decision..
better aku least, its effective jugak.
n guess..
aku bejaya briskwalk pusing satu uia!
n i took only a few minutes to finish it [less than one hour]
kire ok la for someone yg sgt terkenal dgn bejalan lambat cm aku ni.. [grin]

route: tasik kayak - library - fac of law - fac of econ - admin - fac of archi - fac of engin - edu - mahallah2 - end.

b4 ni,
aku pnah menyuarakan hasrat aku nk jalan kaki pusing uia
at least, b4 meninggalkan uni ni.. aku akan buat gak even sekali.
but they said, it is a nonsense idea.

tp tgk,
se-nonsense cmne pon.. i managed to do it today.
bukan nk show off, but
xde ape yg nonsense n impossible if we really want it,kan?
waaa..gembira sgt thou kaki agak lenguh.
by day, i'll try to improve the record.haha. kne catat masa nih.[berangan]

Dec 7, 2010

just because im a left-handed

being a left-handed people,
sometimes.. makes me feel that, life is biased.

everywhere i go,
n i start to write.. people will look at me.
plek sgt ke aku ni?? - tedetik dlm ati.
well, i know.. im writing up-side-down. yet,its not a crime.

while im in lecture hall/room,
i always think, why there is no chair with table at the left side?
aku terpaksa pusing 90degree, n keep pusing2 until the lecture finish.
yela, bile nk tgk slide kt depan, i have to change position.
bile nk take note, i have to change again.
lame2, mau jugak leher aku n bdan aku nih jd senget.

bile org tnya direction,
please la.. dun ask anything about direction kt aku.
susah kot nk bezakan kanan n kiri.

while using scissors,
god, sakitnya tgn aku..
sebbaik aku bukan tailor.kalo x, putus jari2 aku agaknya.

while performing high jump,
[dulu ak pnah main high jump,ok? sure ramai yg xpecaya aku main high jump.haha]
aku terpaksa memulakan lompatan kt side lain.
erm.. im left-footed too.

while discussing,
knape aku mcm susah nk paham others thought?
is dat something to do with my nature? mungkin jugak kot, for im more to right hemisphere.
n my idea seems a bit diff with them. n its hard to explain.

but, i used to soothe myself
by thinking that, being a left-handed people is very unique.
n yeah, everybody is unique though.

ingat lg, masa awal2 masuk sem aritu..
my semantic lecturer was surprised bile tau im a left-hander who writes up-side-down.
n she said,'u shud fight for ur right.its been so biased for left-handers.all objects are created for normal people"
hurm.. ade jugak yg realised mende nih.ingatkan aku je.

tp ape2 pon, thanx God. aku bersyukur dilahirkan cmni.
being a left-hander mungkin bg advantages kt aku,
though sometimes its hard to handle.

to people of my position,
lets celebrate the left-handers' day: 13th Aug every year.

Dec 6, 2010


cuti dah nk abes

Dec 4, 2010

puppy-monkey-freaky-sweety love memoirs

masa kecik, tym tu blom masuk skolah lg. maybe i was 5 kot.
aku ade la suke this particular boy. beza setahun kot ngn aku.. [haha,kecik2 lg dah gatal]
tiap2 ari aku g main umah die. xsah kalo xjumpe dlm sehari.
mula2,kwn je. tp lame2 aku rs mcm tersuka plak.
one day[i still remember it..haha].. xde angin,xde ribut.. suddenly i told my sis,
"nt dik besar,dik nk kawin ngn die"
god, malunya bile ingat balik. tp skang, xde feeling dah. well,zaman kecik.. main suka je sape pon,xpk.

bile dah besa sket, darjah 4 kot. ak tersuka plak kt sorang ni.
pekerja kt sebuah kedai runcit. tym tu, mamat tuh around 20+.haha. ape daa aku ni.. pantang jumpe org sket, terus suka.
tiap kali pegi kdai tu, sejuk panas sejuk panas.. serba serbi xkena.
selalunya bile g kdai tu, ak tgk je die.xpnah pon dgr suara.
but one day.. [hari penentu] i heard his voice.omg~ hancur luluh hatiku. haha.

sepanjang aku kt skolah rendah..
aku ske plak sorang ni. same age. we were bestfren. close sgt.
tp ak xpnah bgtau sape pon aku suke.bile org ejek2, aku deny. haha! jual mahal sket~
but, since masuk secondary school, lost contact.
jumpe2 balik, masa form4. masa jumpe tu, sama2 segan la kononnye. tp continue as bestfren, nothing much happen.
status: cinta terkubur. haha.

masa form2,
there was a senior gave me a keychain: you conquer my heart.
haha.sorry la bro, tym tu aku kembali innocent gile2.well, masuk skolah agama la katekan.
cuak ngn naqibah2, kang diorang tau.. free2 aku dpt brainwash.

masa from3,
ngn sorang senior form5. haha.
love note: **** ****** love [nama penuh aku]
namun,ketahuilah bhw anda sgt menakutkan sy. kamu kejar sy di bazar ramadhan kt depan skolah.
rase mcm nk teburai urat2 perut, cuak kot~

masa form 4,
there's someone gave me 2 sweets. gula2 HACKS. and he asked me to guess.. wut does it mean?
a few days jugak aku pk,tp xdpt jawapan.
and finally he said, "Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Sorang". terpinga2 aku tym tu.
tp bile ingat balik skang.. he such a sweet guy i knew.
u r very nice..

masa form 5, first tym kapel.
excited gak. yela,kalo x excited,xde plak aku jd sawan lepas nk buat cmne... everything is over.
one of my frens said, "its not his fault, but it is your fault for believing every word he said"
hurm?? xpe, abaikan.
tp, no one is perfect.mungkin aku pon ade salah gak. sorry ye sume2 dulu.

lepas form5,
tym tu tgh cuti pjg. tp xsure plak cuti ape.if not mistaken, cuti masa aku quit matric.
dulu2, activity wajib kalo kt umah is: pegi pasar malam.
i went there with sis.but, dlm crowd kt situ, suddenly ak xjumpe my sis. we seperated.tgh cuak2 mencari my sis,... jeng3x. came a group of boys keliling aku.dlm ati: god,penjahat mn ni??
then, they sang,
"..tiada puisi atau lagu,
hanya kau satu dalam berjuta,
kau istimewa blabla"
....haha.aku lupe plak ape tajuk lagu tu.but, lagu tu pnah digunakan dlm iklan sunsilk.if not mistaken.
aku yg tgh blur2 ketika itu.campor rase segan,yela.. ramai kot org tgk.
tiba2,muncullah this someone.hurm.. sweet gak ko erk? ape2 pon, sume dah tinggal memory.nothing happen pon after tu.

in 2007,kalo xsilap.
i went to an english camp.dimana, berkumpulnya sume budak2 tesl from all institutions.
knal la ngn someone nih.i can consider him as.. ok la.baik gak.
just after the camp ended, ak ckp2 la ngn member se'course'.
tgk2, die tgh mengayat 3 of us.sms dlm masa yg sama. gosh! haha. mantap lah lu!

lepas tu lg,
i got to know someone from this particular social networking.
i never trust org yg ak xpnah jumpe face-to-face. but, since he was my coursemate's ex-schoolmate.
bile tnya2 n dgr2 citer pasal die... ak rase, mcm bleh dijadikan kwn.
time goes on.. lame2, jd close.
smpai la masa, one day.. we met. nway, he did not do any harm to me.
but, ........ i know, he's not a nice man.
siyes, aku serik dah knal2 org cmtu. haha.padan muke diri sendiri.

n now,
i think, its not the time utk main2 cm dulu.
bile dh byk bende jadi, life punyer bittersweet,
better la kalo kita take lesson,kan?
perhaps, this is the end.

my first hand-made