Apr 10, 2011

mixed feeling - happy hols!

unconciously.. [skema plak]
i am now going out of the place of freedom.. [yet,no so freedom.but ok la if compared to the other one.brrr] and, this is gonna be my last 3months-hols throughout my undergraduate life. bubbye iium! sobsob.

in next coming 3 months (july), i WILL HAVE TO say hi to a trainee college in Malacca - i was once there.
to be exact, an all-girls-trainee-college ; here im using the concept of euphemism. haha.
nway, the only thing i miss about the college was the kindness of all ENGLISH lecturers. they are the one who had built a confidence in me, who give me kinda strength to keep moving [dedicate to mdm iswander], give me an inspiration to explore the beauty of grammar which everyone seems to hate it [dedicate to mdm low, one day i will be in ur field,insyaAllah], blabla

but, thinking of the rules and the mindset of the community in it,
siyesly.. it makes me sick.
i did wonder sometimes.. does this college was built to train people to be army? or teacher? ade sedikit confuse di situ bile mengenangkan rules nya.. huh! but i believed, there must be reasons behind it.. [sedapkan hati]

for now,
just enjoy the hols and cherish every minute i have. [dah malas nk tulis]
bye! <3

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